The Luxurious Swap For Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Biting into a chocolate-covered strawberry can be one life's simple pleasures. A sweet, crisp crunch followed by a juicy burst of fruit can be an elevating experience — until you look down and notice cracked pieces of chocolate that have fallen into your lap. While the coated treats seem simple enough to make, there are a range of difficulties at-home bakers may encounter, from getting the chocolate to stick perfectly onto each strawberry to nailing the texture of the chocolate for the strawberries to be dipped in. The whole ordeal can become a messy affair, from start to finish.

Fortunately, for fans of the tempting strawberry-chocolate combination, we can help elevate these delicious morsels into a more decadent, easy-to-serve presentation. And after trying this velvety exchange, you may be reluctant to return to your old ways of waiting for chocolate to harden while attempting to make attractively dipped and decorated pieces of fruit.

A match made in chocolate heaven

Instead of painstakingly dipping strawberries into chocolate and setting them aside to dry, consider a richer, more fudgy substitute: ganache. Made from sugar, cream, chocolate, and a pinch of salt, ganache can provide the ideal accompaniment that can easily be customized to your own baking needs and personal preferences of your guests.

Shiny and thick, ganache is melted chocolate and cream that offers options for guests and cooks to choose their desired level of sweetness. Serve the chocolate spread on the side for guests to eat as they please or spoon elegant swashes onto each piece of fruit.

To try the combination for yourself, start with our muscovado chocolate ganache recipe, a creamy dip sweetened with artisanal sugar that certainly won't crumble onto any white tablecloth. Plus, with notes of caramel and toffee, this chocolate spread can take your choice of dark chocolate to new, luxurious heights while leaving guests asking for more.