The Step You Shouldn't Skip When Microwaving A Frozen Breakfast Sandwich

There is something special about breakfast food. Whether it's that favorite bowl of cereal you pour yourself, a pastry warmed up to go alongside your coffee, a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme, a classic dish of scrambled eggs and bacon, or a stack of hot cakes dripping with maple syrup, this meal is so satisfying. In fact, a Harris Poll conducted in 2021 found 62% of people claim breakfast is their favorite meal of the day.

One of the most beloved foods to eat in the morning, or whenever you have a hankering, is the breakfast or egg sandwich. Generally comprised of a breakfast meat, egg, cheese, and bread, it is both convenient and delicious. But it's also easy to customize with whatever ingredients you might have on hand: You can add hash browns, salad greens, pesto spread, or jalapeños; And you scramble your eggs, poach them, or try them sunny side up. You can even layer and serve your ingredients between two pancakes, a biscuit, or two slices of white bread. 

And while a McDonald's Egg McMuffin or a breakfast bagel from Dunkin' might get our taste buds churning, often a trip to the drive-thru is not in the cards. That's when the gratitude for a breakfast sandwich of the frozen variety kicks in.

How to avoid soggy bread

Homemade or store-bought, a frozen breakfast sandwich can hit the spot. They really are a modern wonder. Just pop one into the microwave for a minute or so and breakfast is ready to eat. However, if you've ever found your frozen breakfast sandwich is a little soggy when that microwave bell dings, there is a step you don't want to skip when heating it.

What causes this dreaded problem? If there is ire to be directed, it should be done so at the dreaded ice crystal. It is the culprit for making your breakfast sandwich a mushy mess. When they melt, the ice crystal's moisture must be absorbed and that usually means your bread soaks it up. To mitigate this issue, there is a simple solution: If you place a paper towel on the microwave-safe plate you use when cooking your breakfast sandwich, the paper towel will soak up that liquid, leaving your bread's structure and texture as it should be.

However, if you aren't in a hurry to heat your breakfast sandwich, you can also use a toaster oven. The toaster oven can help save you from soggy bread as well. Simply heat or reheat the breakfast sandwich in foil. Once it is warmed up, you can open up the wrapping and the toaster oven will dry up any moisture as the bread toasts right up.