Keep Batch-Cooked Scrambled Eggs Fresh & Velvety With Sour Cream

There aren't many dishes that can easily be made for one person or 20, but scrambled eggs is one of them. With just a little work, lots of eggs, and a big bowl, a large batch of fluffy, golden scrambled eggs can be made quickly ahead of time to feed members of a family reunion or a group of ravenous kids after a late-night sleepover. Another bonus to opting for scrambled eggs to feed your guests is that making them involves only a handful of ingredients that you likely already have in your refrigerator. Just get out a large pan and around three eggs per person to cook up some weekend comfort food. 

Unfortunately, when cooking a big batch of scrambled eggs, they can lose their soft and fluffy texture as they sit in a bowl waiting to be spooned onto everyone's plates. But luckily, with one simple ingredient, your bowl of buttery eggs will stay fresh and creamy until the last bite.

Add sour cream for the win

Incorporating a few dollops of sour cream into your scrambled eggs will not only add a smoothness and creaminess, but will also help them retain that freshly made quality. After removing the pan from the burner, add a quarter cup of sour cream per dozen eggs. In addition to affecting the texture of the eggs, the sour cream will add a slight tang to the eggs, but not a strong flavor. (If you want something less tart and more creamy, Chef Bobby Flay opts for crème fraîche).

If you prefer to add the sour cream to the eggs as you whisk them or as you scramble them in the pan, that is fine as well. In fact, by adding the sour cream while the eggs are being scrambled, as Flay does with his crème fraîche, your desired texture can be easily attained. As Flay blends the crème fraîche into the eggs, Flay assesses how creamy and buttery the eggs are becoming until he achieves the consistency he wants. 

So next time you are finding yourself scrambling up a big batch of eggs, don't forget to add some scoops of sour cream to make them remain as fluffy as you intended.