Sweeten Up Your Stack Of Pancakes With Cake Mix

Pancakes for breakfast don't need any jazzing up, as the breakfast food is a delicious meal in its own right. But with so many tasty ways to upgrade your morning flapjacks, why not give a few of them a try? You probably know you can add your favorite fruit to make everything from blueberry pancakes to fluffy banana pancakes à la Jack Johnson. But there are also plenty of unexpected ingredients you can include to take your breakfast to the next level. Malted milk powder, for example, may make your pancakes taste diner-quality, while beer may add a wheaty flavor and help the batter rise.

But what about cake mix? It's true that we're long past the point where cake mix is only used to make the birthday dessert. Boxed cake mix is essentially just dry ingredients like flour, sugar, baking powder or soda, salt, and any dry flavoring ingredients, like cocoa powder. But we now know we can also dump it into recipes for cinnamon rolls, waffles, brownies, cookies, and more to add sweetness and a specific flavor (such as chocolate). It only makes sense that cake mix has its moment with pancakes too.

Add your favorite cake mix to your pancake batter

If you love dessert for breakfast, you'll love this easy way to turn your Sunday morning pancakes into an even sweeter occasion. All you really have to do is add a box of cake mix to your pancake batter and then proceed to cook your pancakes as you normally would. You may have to adjust your flour ratio depending on how much cake mix you're using, but a standard dry boxed cake mix should work with a half cup of flour.

So what are the advantages of adding cake mix to your morning flapjacks? For one, it usually contains more sugar than typical pancake batter, so you're turning your breakfast into a real indulgence. Also, with the wide variety of cake mix flavors out there, you can easily make your pancakes taste like your favorite cake — whether you love red velvet, devil's food, pumpkin spice, confetti, or classic yellow cake.

And let's not forget the add-ons. Why not top your pumpkin spice pancakes with chocolate chips, your peanut butter stack with bananas, or your chocolate pancakes with orange slices? Cake mix pancakes are the perfect opportunity to get creative with your flavor pairings, and make the exact sweet breakfast you're craving.