Add Color And Flavor To Powdered Sugar With Freeze Dried Berries

Powdered sugar can become a simple addition to your dessert-decorating arsenal, as an intentional coating of the white stuff can convert a basic cake into a presentable, professional-looking masterpiece. A light sifting of powdered sugar offers an easy decorating solution when you're looking to dress up cakes and sweet treats without too much extra fuss.

Admittedly, the white color of powdered sugar is often better suited to covering darker surface areas like flourless chocolate tortes and mocha brownies. While it is possible to layer decorations of cocoa powder and other spices like cinnamon and ginger onto treats, some occasions call for more festive and creative displays. Don't stop at making your own powdered sugar at home; Tailor each batch of powdery sweetness to meet all of your decorating needs with a healthy addition. 

You'll need freeze-dried fruit for this culinary hack, and with it, you will open up a whole new realm of edible decorations. 

Unleash your inner artist

Adding freeze-dried fruit to powdered sugar not only will impact the color of the powder, but can also boost the flavor of your decorations. Freeze-dried raspberries and strawberries will lend pink and red hues to the sugar, while blueberries can help turn powdered sugar into shades of blue. For a purple display, mix blue and red berries together.

To pull off this unique decorating trick, use a blender to grind your preferred freeze-dried fruits into fine powder. Gradually add spoonfuls to batches of powdered sugar until your desired color appears. If your decorating needs call for thicker glazes of colorful icing, simply add a liquid like water, milk, or lemon juice. 

Experiment with the edible ingredients you introduce to powdered sugar. Consider powdered herbs or edible flowers or use culinary-grade matcha powder if your dessert calls for a specific shade of green. Be sure to use any colored powdered sugar immediately, as freeze-dried fruit will absorb water from the air and isn't intended for longer-term use.