14 Frozen Foods You Should Always Buy At Whole Foods

Although consumers often prefer fresh foods to frozen when it comes to flavor, it's hard to argue that frozen dishes don't win first place when it comes to convenience. Not only that, but pre-made dishes can give you a break from your own monotonous cooking style without having to break the bank on takeout. Whole Foods carries some of the best brands of frozen foods around, from ingredients to full meals. And who doesn't like to save a few bucks in the process? Frozen meals are becoming part of the new normal as inflation drags on, and to be honest, it's making everyone's lives a little bit easier.

From frozen berries to full-blown pasta dishes, Whole Foods knows what they're doing when it comes to quality and clean ingredients. Their 365 brand is well-known and liked for its minimally processed ingredient choices and reasonable prices, and other brands carried by Whole Foods have been hand selected because they live up to their quality. Next time you push your cart down the manicured freezer aisles of Whole Foods, be sure to stock up on these frozen foods.

365 Hash Browns

There's nothing better than a full-blown diner breakfast complete with sunny side eggs, sausage links, biscuits, and of course, those famous crispy hash browns. The truth is that you don't have to take yourself out to breakfast just to experience those buttery, crunchy, panfried potato shreds. Bring the diner experience home and give Whole Foods Hash Browns a try. Keep a bag or two in your freezer for brunch-related emergencies at all times. But the fun doesn't stop at breakfast time, enjoy hash browns in place of a sandwich bun, throw them in a waffle maker, or use them as a crunchy topping for your grain bowl.

365 Hash Browns are particularly desirable because they are made with simple and limited ingredients, are only 70 calories per serving, and contain no added salt or oil, making them incredibly heart-friendly. Feel free to add your own salt or even a little oil for added crunch. Without breaking the bank or slicing your knuckles on a cheese grater trying to make homemade has brown, it's worth it to grab a bag of these pre-made, ready-to-heat 365 Hash Browns at Whole Foods during your next visit.

Dr. Prager's California Burger

Veggie burgers have become all the rage in the last decade in line with the large wave of vegetarian and vegan cooking that has spread across the world. Consumers are choosing to go meat-free, and the food production industry is listening. Dr. Prager's veggie burgers are a top pick for Whole Foods shoppers, because they always have vegan and gluten-free options, and are made with minimally processed ingredients. And while Dr. Prager's California Burger remains a consumer favorite, Whole Foods carries a wide variety of flavors including the high protein Super Green's Burger, the Mushroom Risotto Burger, and the Black Bean Quinoa Burger. No starchy, crumbly, tasteless veggie burgers here. Dr. Prager knows what they're doing when it comes to veggie-packed patties. It's easy to get your daily servings of vegetables when it tastes this good.

Dr. Prager's has strived to make "purely sensible food," and they've really hit the nail on the head with their veggie burger line. Grab a few patties for your next barbecue during your upcoming Whole Foods visit.

365 Plant-Based Nuggets

Speaking of plant-based, give Whole Foods 365 Plant-Based Nuggets a try next time you swing through the market. While Whole Foods does carry several meal-alternative brands, typically they use the same basic ingredients to create that meat-like texture and flavor. 365 Plant-Based Nuggets are an affordable option when it comes to processed vegan foods, as with their spike in popularity, foods marketed as "plant-based" have increased in price over the last decade. Customers have raved about this chicken alternative and given it high ratings. No need to spring for the trendy name brands when Whole Foods keeps things simple, and delicious.

Not only are these little nuggets vegan, but also certified Kosher to reach a wider population. In just 16 to 18 minutes of baking, you'll have a main course that you can feel good about. Get transported back to your childhood and dip them directly into ketchup or honey mustard. You can adult it up and use it on vegetarian chicken Parmesan, or cut it up over a bed of romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing.

365 Individual Barbecue Chicken Pizza

It's Tuesday night, you've just gotten off of work late, and you are mid-way through a major Netflix binge. Instead of reaching for the phone to search "pizza delivery near me," consider keeping a few 365 Individual Barbecue Chicken Pizzas in the back of your freezer for such occasions. Let's face it, sometimes you're just not in the mood to cook and a pizza is just about the only thing that can hit the spot. Save money on ordering a delivery pizza and pop one of these bad boys in the oven. It's just the perfect amount of food for one, so there's no need to wrap up leftovers, and you can even cook the pizza right on the cardboard tray, so there are no dishes to be done.

This inexpensive alternative to take-out is a no-brainer for those who live alone, work late, or just love barbecue chicken pizza. There are plenty of other flavors to choose from, from feta spinach to four cheese, so any pizza-lover will be satisfied.

Alexia Organic Yukon Select Frozen Fries

Who in their right mind can resist the epic soft, fluffy interior and fried crispy exterior of a French fry? There's something about those deep-fried spuds that are so irresistibly delicious, but most of us don't have a deep fryer in our homes. Although air fryers have made the homemade french fry experience more accessible to the general public, there's just something about that deep fryer crunch that's hard to compete with. For french fry fanatics, keep a bag of Alexia brand french fries on hand. We love Alexia's Organic Yukon Select Frozen Fries, but there are plenty of options to choose from, including rosemary flavored and sweet potato. Alexia is reliably consistent, always delicious, and a favorite of Whole Foods shoppers.

This brand uses limited ingredients, and focuses mostly on the natural flavor of potatoes, along with a little oil, and sea salt. With organic options available, there's no reason not to keep a bag in your freezer for days when you're feeling a little extra indulgent.

365 Four Cheese Ravioli

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food that deserves a spot at the table or, in this case, the freezer. And what's even better than pasta? Pasta stuffed with cheese. Whole Foods' 365 brand makes a frozen Four Cheese Ravioli to die for. With limited fresh ingredients like organic durum wheat semolina, organic eggs, and organic cheese, it's like you're bringing Italy right into your kitchen. Ricotta cheese, Emmental cheese, fontal cheese, and provolone cheese are tucked away into pouches of pasta goodness. Just simply boil a pot of water, and heat the ravioli for three to four minutes. Add your favorite sauce, or douse with extra virgin olive oil or butter for a gourmet dinner in a matter of seconds.

The 365 brand offers reasonably priced ravioli, with clean, organic ingredients, and comes highly rated by customers. Frozen never tasted so fresh, and the minimal effort it takes to make is a major bonus. Let Italy come to you, and enjoy indulgent comfort food in minutes. This is a must-have staple of your freezer, so don't forget to grab a bag during your next visit to Whole Foods.

Alla Sorrentina Gnocchi

While gnocchi may seem like a fancy potato pasta dish that you can only enjoy at select Italian restaurants, think again. Whole Food serves up an incredibly simple yet delectable potato dumpling dish, mixed right into an incredible cheesy tomato sauce. Containing only cooked gnocchi (durum Wheat Semolina, potatoes, water, salt), tomato pulp, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Onion, Sugar, Basil, Salt, Garlic, and Chili Pepper, we think less is more when it comes to processed foods. No surprise preservatives or chemicals hiding in these little dumplings.

Just to think, in five to seven minutes you could be serving the family a dish of pre-sauced, incredibly delicate gnocchi from the comfort of your own kitchen. There's no need to book a table at an expensive restaurant when you can pick up a reasonably priced bag of Alla Sorrentina Gnocchi during your next visit to Whole Foods.

365 Organic Berry Blend

A staple in most home freezers is a bag of fruit. This bag can be used for healthy smoothie recipes, as a yogurt topping, in a pie, or as a maple berry compote for pancakes. Dark berries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, and other nutrients, and can be an incredibly healthy addition to any sweet dish. Fruit mixes are often loaded with cheap filler fruits, but 365's  Organic Berry Blend is composed of only the best: strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Because it's their very own brand, Whole Foods offers this 32-ounce bag at a reasonable price that has shoppers coming back for more. You should always buy 365 frozen staples at Whole Foods because they are of top quality, are sold at a lower price point, and use only the ingredients necessary to make the product shine. If you're sick of fillers, go right for the goods, and keep your freezer stocked with a bag of 365 Organic Berry Blend at all times.

Pitaya Frozen Dragonfruit

Up in the northern regions of the United States, in the places where you keep kitty litter in the back of your car (if you know, you know), then you know how difficult it is to buy tropical fruits. Pineapples are just about as exotic as it gets, and plantains and papayas are rare finds. Most of us don't even know what a starfruit or soursop is, let alone had an opportunity to sample them. That's where Pitaya frozen fruits comes into play.

In the freezer section of Whole Foods, you can find your paradise with Pitaya frozen fruits including the beautiful dragonfruit, amongst many other tropical varieties. The fruit comes pre-pureed and portioned out into individual smoothie packets for the consumers' convenience. All you have to do is rip the bag, dump the ingredients into your blender, add your smoothie favorites, and be whisked away by your tastebuds to a warm-breezed beach off the coast of some sunny island. This is a must-have purchase because it's rare to find such unique fruits, and everyone should experience the diverse bounty of nature's candy at least once.

365 Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ready to time travel back to grade school? It's a hot day, you're in line at the cafeteria and you hear the joyous murmurs from your classmates at the front of the line. Today's dessert is ice cream sandwiches. You peel off the wrapper and start licking the ice cream center to be sure it doesn't drip over the chocolatey wafer, as it's already started to melt. With each bite, the center smushes further and further out, requiring more cleanup as it runs down your hands and drips off your elbows. But every bite is worth it.

No more waiting in line! Grab a box of Whole Foods 365 Ice Cream Sandwiches, only this version is made with only real foods, without chemicals, and without corn syrup or preservatives. If dairy doesn't do it for you, check out the So Delicious ice cream sandwiches that Whole Foods carries as an alternative, or look through their extensive assortment of dairy-free ice creams. Keep a box at the back of your freezer for hot days, some sweet indulgence, or even a little time travel if you want to feel like a kid again.

Amy's Vegetarian Frozen Entrees

If you've had the pleasure of trying any of Amy's frozen meals, then you're already aware that they make some of the best vegetarian dishes in the freezer section. By using only organic ingredients and as little processing as possible, they've found the perfect balance between healthy and delicious. With gluten-free and vegan options, there's something for everyone. The Veggie Loaf Dinner, Enchiladas, and Tofu Scramble come highly rated, but as any Amy's fan knows, they are all worth a try. You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy these instant dinners.

Whole Foods just happens to carry a massive selection of Amy's Vegetarian Frozen Entrees, and boy is there a large variety to choose from. Amy's is ever-expanding their menu to include foods from varying cultures including Indian, Mexican, Asian, and classic American. If you're looking for variety, Whole Foods keeps its freezer section stocked to the brim with these popular dishes.

European Greens Vegetable Blend

Meet the easiest side dish in history, the Whole Foods brand European Greens Vegetable Blend. If you're looking to sneak more greens into your diet, it just got a lot easier, and tastier. Did you know that most Americans don't get their recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables? Change that with one simple side dish.

This popular steam-in-bag favorite is loaded with non-GMO green vegetables like broccoli, peas, green beans, and romanesco. But these green veggies aren't like any other bland and boring steamed veggie side dish, they're flavored oh so delicately with basil and garlic sauce. But unlike most frozen meal packet sauces, Whole Foods just uses the absolutely necessary ingredients including extra virgin olive oil, basil, garlic, and sea salt. This minimally processed side will have your body thanking you, and your taste buds rejoicing. And for a bag of veggies, customers are leaving fantastic reviews. Get more bang for your buck when choosing Whole Foods' European Green vegetable Blend, because this three-serving bag is sauced, healthy, and ready in just six minutes. Get your green on.

Basil Vegetable Spirals

Love pasta but aren't big on loading up on carbohydrates? Or maybe you love carbs but have been advised by your doctor to avoid gluten. There are plenty of reasons people refrain from eating pasta, but the flavor isn't typically one of them. Enter Whole Foods' Basil Pesto Vegetable Spirals to save the day.

This frozen alternative to the standard grain pasta is a great way to get your veggies in for the day. Imported straight from Italy, these veggie spirals are packed with authentic flavors and seasonings. Made with spiralized zucchini and carrots, and doused with a creamy pesto sauce alongside extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, there truly is no tastier way to fill up on vegetables. In the Whole Foods tradition, you'll find no wacky unpronounceable chemicals here. Just good, solid, clean foods whipped up into a delicious dish that's ready in under 10 minutes. Not a big pesto fan? Try the Pomodoro Vegetable Spirals instead. You'll want to keep at least one bag of these in your freezer at all times.

365 Organic Brown Rice

Why is rice always such a hassle to cook? Even when you do it right, it takes forever to make, never comes out just how you want it, and can be difficult to time with the rest of your meal. If you have a rice maker, then you may not understand the struggle, but the rest of us can appreciate a four-minute fix. Although frozen rice seems like it would defrost into one gelatinous blog, it actually comes out quite tender, chewy, and delicious. Made with just water and organic brown rice, 365's Organic Brown Rice found in the freezer section is a quick and easy alternative to starting from scratch.

Make fried rice in minutes, heat up a bag for your stir fry, flavor it with butter as a side dish, or mix it with beans for your burrito. The possibilities are endless and the effort is minimal. For a reasonable price and quality ingredients, it's worth keeping a bag of pre-made rice in the freezer at all times. It won't break the bank and could save your butt on a night when you just want to throw some ingredients into a pan and call it a day. Although this might seem like a rather boring pick as one of the frozen foods you should always buy at Whole Foods, it's one of the most practical.