The EPCOT Liquor-Tasting Experience Led By Tequila Experts

When foodies visit Disney World, there's a good chance they can be found snacking on a turkey leg at Liberty Square Market or sitting down for a meal at Be Our Guest Restaurant. It's true that, when it comes to food, Disney delivers in its characteristically grand way. This year, the parks created a whole new menu in celebration of Disneyland's 100th anniversary, featuring elaborate dishes like French onion dip pizza and an iced churro rolled in cherry-flavored sugar and topped with purple and silver pearls. But, diehard Disney fans know that the literal and proverbial crème de la crème of the parks' food scene is EPCOT's World Showcase. According to Disney travel guide Park Savers, the World Showcase is a 1.2-mile stretch of 11 different locations called "pavilions," each representing a different country. Visitors can eat sushi in Japan and macarons from a boulangerie in France. There are also pavilions for Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the U.S., Morocco, and Canada, representing every continent but Antartica. It's a smorgasbord of different foods from every corner of the world and the cultures that created them. In fact, every year, EPCOT hosts an annual Food & Wine Festival in honor of its international fare.

Today, we're focusing on one particular attraction located in the Mexico pavilion. After some tacos at San Angel Inn Restaurante (which took its design cues from the Mayan ruins), Disney foodies are likely a little thirsty. Enter: the La Cava Experience.

A first-class taste of Mexico in a Florida amusement park

Per the Disney World website, the La Cava Experience is a tasting session of various Mexican agave tequilas, some of which are exclusive to the La Cava Experience. Each experience is hosted by a "certified Tequila Ambassador," who shares the history of tequila and its rich cultural roots in Mexico, including the idiosyncratic details that make different local varieties unique.

The Experience starts off with a margarita and spans the course of roughly one hour, according to the fan site The Disney Food Blog. Then, it's a shot of vodka as a palette cleanser, and guests embark on their tequila fantasia (Disney pun intended.) The tasting includes five small glasses of different tequilas, each of which is paired with a complimentary snack: lime, lemon, grasshoppers, chocolate chips, or a cinnamon stick. To top it all off, there's a shot of mezcal at the end. In other words, be sure to eat a decent-sized meal before attending the event, as the only included accouterment is chips and guac. In total, the experience is $150 per person before tax and service charge — like so many other Disney attractions, pricey but one-of-a-kind. If you're still thirsty for more afterward, EPCOT Mexico is also home to a La Cava del Tequila sit-down bar stocked with Mexican beers and wines, cocktails (hello, margarita fans), and more than 200 tequilas.