The Freezer Method For Storing Ginger In Ready-To-Use Portions

There's a myriad of reasons to keep fresh ginger root around as a kitchen staple, rather than always resorting to ground, jarred ginger for your meals that need an extra kick. While there's nothing wrong with turning to the pre-minced jars or squeezable tubes for spicing up the busy weeknight dinner, cooking with fresh ginger gives an extra kick and desirable bite that is both spicy and subtly sweet.

Aside from its flavor benefits, ginger is also considered an excellent remedy for those suffering from nausea. According to Healthline, ginger can be effective at eliminating uncomfortable stomach issues, ranging in anything from pregnancy-induced morning sickness to chemotherapy-related nausea. So, with benefits for flavor seekers and those suffering from stomach ailments, it seems there's no good reason to leave fresh ginger out of your pantry.

It seems the only thing stopping us all from piling up fresh ginger root inside our pantries may just be its expiration date. While powdered ginger can stay good in a pantry for 2 years, and jarred minced ginger can stay good in the fridge for a few months, according to The Ginger People, fresh ginger does need to be more closely monitored.

There's almost nothing more off-putting than grabbing a raw piece of ginger and finding its loyal firmness has been replaced with a mushy, shriveled version of its former self. While raw ginger can be kept conveniently in your pantry, we recommend freezing your ginger to give it the most longevity.

Freezer bags are ginger's best friend

Unless you're planning on eating an entire ginger root within a few days, you'll need to keep your ginger cold to preserve it. While you can place ginger in the fridge in a bag for a little more than a month (unpeeled), as MasterClass notes, the more infrequent ginger users may want to listen up.

It seems freezing is the best long-term solution for stocking up on fresh ginger and having it ready to use at any point. All you have to do is peel the ginger and place it in a freezer bag. It's that simple. This method keeps raw ginger good for up to six months, as per the outlet

According to The Spruce Eats, when you're ready to use your ginger, you can pull it right out of the freezer bag and start grating it while it is still frozen. Using it while still frozen will make it slightly easier to grate, and you can place it right back in the freezer when you're finished with it.

However, if you bake with your ginger, or make soups, you may want to try out another method. MasterClass notes you can also puree fresh ginger and pour it into ice cube trays. Freeze the tray, then place those blocks into the freezer in bags until you're ready to use them. This method also keeps the ginger good for six months.