The Reason You Should Start Freezing Your Ginger

Garlic, onions, and lemons are kitchen staples everyone should keep in their pantries, but they aren't the only ones. Fresh ginger is another essential ingredient to keep stocked up. Ginger lends its signature heat, bite, and aroma to so many of the dishes we love — from ginger sushi burritos and ginger pear skillet cake to an over-the-top gingerbread cheesecake. Ginger can be used in cocktails such as a straightforward Rye & Ginger. The punchy ingredient also makes a refreshing ginger beer and a stomach-soothing ginger tea.

Speaking of stomach-soothing — aside from its irreplaceable flavor, fresh ginger boasts an impressively long list of health benefits. According to Healthline, this relative of turmeric and galangal can help ease menstrual pain, lower cholesterol levels, prevent cancer, and improve brain function. As if there aren't enough culinary reasons to keep ginger on hand, according to Insider, whole, unpeeled ginger keeps for up to one week on the kitchen counter and up to one month in the fridge. If you want to store the essential ingredient for a longer period of time, ginger freezes well.

Frozen ginger can last for up to six months

According to The Spruce Eats, ginger freezes exceptionally well, maintaining its strong flavor for up to six months. The outlet notes that after six months, frozen ginger is still safe to consume, although it will start to lose some of its intensity. To freeze fresh ginger, start by choosing smooth, plump, and fragrant knobs. These will be the freshest and will last longer once stored. Simply place the ginger in a freezer-safe storage container or freezer bag, pressing out as much air as possible before freezing. There is no peeling or chopping needed.

The Spruce Eats notes that using ginger directly from the freezer is often easier than working with fresh ginger, as it peels and grates more easily. To incorporate frozen ginger into your cooking, smoothies, or sauces, simply grab a frozen piece, peel it, and grate it into your dish. If you need ginger slices, you'll want to let frozen ginger defrost for a few minutes before slicing to avoid haphazard and uneven pieces. The next time you buy some fresh ginger, but a little more to stock up and load your freezer.