The Ice Cube Trick That Won't Water Down Your Iced Coffee

Warmer weather means one thing for caffeine lovers: iced coffee. This cool drink is made by pouring brewed coffee over ice. And whether you make your iced coffee at home or buy it at your favorite coffee shop, on a hot summer's day when the sun is beating down, the ice can melt quickly, leaving you with a water-downed, weak version of your refreshing drink, which is bad news if you are hoping to get the full effect of its caffeine.

Even if you are sipping on a cold brew, which GoPuff explains is coffee that has been made with either cold or room temperature water, this drink's distinct flavor can be overtaken by melting ice.

Iced coffee lovers shouldn't have to sacrifice their caffeine to enjoy its chill. Dunkin' shares that its secret to curtailing this watery issue is to use twice the amount of coffee grounds you normally would. Of course, that might also leave you bouncing off the walls. But the good news is there are other ways to cool and sweeten your iced coffee with this ice cube trick that will leave you with a glass of iced coffee that is just right.

Creamy ice cubes

According to the Dairy Alliance, one of the easiest ways to control your caffeine levels and have your iced coffee is to make ice cubes from milk or cream. Instead of putting water in your ice trays, simply replace it with whatever type of milk or milk substitute you like in your coffee and freeze. Well, that is as long as it isn't a nut or oat milk. Per Better Homes & Gardens, these two categories of milk are better when they aren't frozen because their texture changes when they freeze and thaw.

Of course, once you get the hang of making ice cubes with milk, you may want to experiment a little bit. Starbucks shares you can freeze milk and honey into ice that will become creamy and sweet as it melts into your coffee, perhaps reminiscent of a honey latte. And if you take your iced coffee black, The Dinner Bite suggests making ice cubes with coffee. This will help maintain your caffeine levels and keep you cool as a cucumber as you sip away.