Why Sparkling Wine And Brunch Is A Match Made In Heaven

It's possible to make the argument that sparkling wine goes with everything. The range of styles of sparkling wine means that whether you want a bone-dry, toasty Champagne or craving a softer, fruitier prosecco, you can find a great food match for it. We've previously recommended unusual sparkling wine pairings, like Champagne and steak, extra dry prosecco with Nashville hot chicken, arancini with Franciacorta, and corn dogs with Brut Crémant de Loire.

But brunch and sparkling wine seems to be a no-brainer. Brunch menus nearly always feature a mimosa or a bellini, along with suggestions of sparkling wines from all over the world as an accompaniment to brunch fare. And when we asked Tasting Table readers about their favorite brunch cocktail, the mimosa was the clear winner. 

Why is that the case? We decided to ask an expert and reached out to Amanda Davenport, Beverage Director for Noisette, a quaint French brunch spot in Denver. What's her take on pairing simple sparkling wine with brunch?

The zest of sparkling wine complements the richness of brunch food

Amanda Davenport starts out by foregrounding the fun that's inherent in a glass of sparkling wine, saying that while sparkling wine with brunch may feel overplayed, "a crisp glass of bubbles is always a good idea." She specifically cites the "zesty flavors and effervescent textures" of sparkling wines as the ideal complement for brunch options that may tend to be rich and decadent.

Martha Stewart agrees that the lively acidity of Champagne is ideal for balancing brunch favorites like chicken and waffles, saying the pairing is "so harmonious that you may never want to enjoy it any other way" and adding that it's the acidity of sparkling wine that balances rich flavors of brunch fare. Whether you opt for real-deal Champagne or choose a more budget-friendly prosecco or cava, sparkling wine is the perfect foil for luxe brunch options like eggs Benedict

And while Davenport certainly isn't hating on the mimosa, she endorses enjoying "a delicious glass of sparkling wine or champagne as it is," with no orange juice required.