Can Boxed Wine Be Aged The Same Way As Bottled?

Boxed wine is a relatively controversial subject for wine connoisseurs, but there are certainly reasons people all over the world love it. As Gratsi explains, boxed wine is an Australian innovation, patented by the winemaker Thomas Angove in 1965. A new patent was introduced in 1967 by Charles Malpas, who added a sealed tap for easy use, as well as to keep the wine inside fresh.

Boxed wine may not have the same formalities as traditional bottled wine, but if you're looking for quality wine on a budget, it's certainly a choice to consider. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, high-end boxed wines even out to be roughly $12 a bottle, which is certainly a bargain for wine lovers. Plus, boxed wine stays fresh longer than bottled wine, and the packaging is both more environmentally friendly and inexpensive, resulting in a long-lasting, affordable product with the same great taste. However, there is one concern when it comes to boxed wine — can it be aged?

Boxed wine expires

One of the best things about boxed wine, aside from the cheap cost and convenient serving mechanism, is how long it lasts. According to Wine Cooler Direct, bottled wines only last anywhere from three to seven days in your fridge once opened, with darker reds going bad quicker than lighter whites and rosés.

Boxed wine, on the other hand, can last up to six weeks in the fridge once opened, notes Wine Folly. However, the trade-off is that unopened boxed wine has a shelf life, whereas most bottled wines don't. While not every wine can be aged, those that can tend to have fuller, more complex flavor profiles as they age, explains Bin Wise. Bottles are designed and corked with aging in mind, preventing sun and oxygen from seeping their way in. Boxed wine, though, is packaged using plastic and cardboard, both of which are porous. These are definitely not age-proof materials, and while they make the product less expensive overall, it means that your wine has an expiration date, usually of six to eight months.