The Reason You Should Try Using Ginger Ale To Make Crepes

Bubbly water has been having its moment for a few years now. NPR reports that approximately 170 million gallons of this carbonated beverage are being sipped and guzzled down by Americans on an annual basis. Topo Chico, San Pellegrino, and La Croix are among the many brands we are reaching for to stay hydrated. But drinking fizzy water is not all you can do with this type of water. According to Harrogate Spring Water, carbonated water is also the secret to light and airy pancakes. They explain that those beautiful bubbles help to introduce air into the batter that creates a "light" and "delicate" end product. And what is even more special about spring water is it will not incorporate any new flavors into your pancakes.

But no need to stop at pancakes. Carbonated drinks also work when making easy homemade crepes. Crepes are the French version of the pancake only they are generally paper-thin, and Crepe Deliciou notes a crepe is generally softer and larger and perfect for holding lots of yummy fillings. But Eat This, Not That! says the key difference between a crepe and a pancake is a crepe doesn't contain baking powder while a pancake does. Still, crepes can benefit from a little carbonation, and if you are looking to change up and reimagine your crepes, you may want to consider adding ginger ale to the batter.

Get ready for ginger crepes

Baking Like A Chef explains that to make crepes, you really only need some milk, flour, eggs, a little salt, and some oil or butter for frying. But according to Kitchn, if you want to change the flavor of your crepes, you might want to consider adding a little ginger ale to achieve a subtle and sweet gingery taste. Kitchn shares that this carbonated beverage works especially well as it makes the crepe even lighter.

Using ginger ale or some other flavored soda in sweet recipes is not a new thing. The Chicago Tribune notes the 7-Up cake was born in 1929 in St. Louis, adding its lemon-lime taste to a classic dessert. Why does soda work in cakes and crepes? According to Betty Crocker, you can forgo the eggs and oil and just use this sugary drink when making a boxed cake mix because the chemistry behind this bubbly drink allows it to function as a leaving agent, making your cake rise.

Of course, if you are feeling adventurous, ginger ale isn't the only soda flavor to consider. Adding Coke or Dr. Pepper to chocolate crepes may not be that far-fetched of an idea.