For Super Thin Onion Slices, Try Shaving Them

Some kitchen tools don't get the same type of love that others get. Food processors earn affection for the ease they provide when it comes to slicing, dicing, and mixing; Microwaves are a savior for those who are short on time but still want to eat; And electric mixers are lauded for saving the arm from having to blend, cream, and combine ingredients manually. But the vegetable peeler doesn't always get the appreciation it both deserves and needs. There is more to this appealing kitchen gadget than it gets credit for. In fact, per Today, 13 celebrity chefs shared the one kitchen tool they can't live without and the vegetable peeler was nowhere to be found on this list.

But when it comes to the absolute best uses for your vegetable peeler, it may surprise you to learn that it is quite adept at a number of tasks. In a video for Home Depot, a chef demonstrates the many capabilities of the vegetable peeler, which can range from slicing and grating cheese to de-stringing celery to making beautiful chocolate curls for everything from hot chocolate to delicious cakes. 

The vegetable peeler deserves its turn in the spotlight and a French TikToker is helping this kitchen essential get that attention by showing how it can help you achieve paper-thin sliced onions.

Use a fork for stability

In a video posted to TikTok, a French chef shares a vegetable peeler can help you evenly peel your onions by using the very same magical vegetable peeler you use to remove the outer skin from carrots and cucumbers. It's kind of mesmerizing to watch as he shaves slices of onion that are so delicate you can taste them on that muffuletta you want to make on game day. While the video instructions are in French, no need to parler francais to get the gist. The chef explains that you simply insert your fork into the onion and use the handle to hold it in place as you take the vegetable peeler and "grate it over and over." The result? Ultra-thin slices of onion.

But this TikToker is not the only French chef who swears by this vegetable peeler trick. According to The Daily Mail, there is another: Culinary social influencer Casa Tips also shared a video and explained the technique in English. The onion genius says that if the blade isn't big enough to move across the entire onion, you should move to the sides. He suggests using these beautiful, thin slices for pizzas and burgers. Still not convinced? In another video, the chef demonstrates how using the vegetable peeler is more efficient than using a knife, putting all doubts to rest.