The Boozy Way To Give Strawberries A Flavor Boost

When sweet, sweet summertime rolls around, what treat is more fun and refreshing than alcohol-infused fruit? Even if it's still freezing outside and you just have warm weather on the brain, the best alcohol-infused fruits and vegetables can turn any day into a party. Cut your pineapple into chunks and let them sit in rum or soak blueberries in vodka and use a few spoonfuls to top off a bowl of ice cream.

While you may want to experiment with various fruit and alcohol combinations, keep in mind that some fruits absorb booze better than others. For example, pineapple is a prime candidate for soaking up alcohol, and its sweetness balances out boozy flavors nicely, according to Spoon University. Meanwhile, watermelon isn't a great contender, as the alcohol will ruin its taste and turn it to mush. When it comes to strawberries, the longer they sit in booze, the stronger they will become –- although Greengo's Cantina notes that three to five days is generally the rule of thumb. 

If you'd like to try your hand at alcohol-soaked strawberries, there's a fun, easy way to get started.

Soak strawberries in red wine, brown sugar, and vanilla

If you've ever had sangria, you know how delicious fruit and wine can be when paired together. But it turns out that lemons, oranges, apples, and peaches aren't the only fruits that go well with wine: Kitchn suggests soaking strawberries in red wine for an easy, boozy treat. Simply let brown sugar-topped strawberries sit in a bowl with a fruity, dry red wine and vanilla extract, then top with a little whipped cream or crème fraîche, and you'll have the perfect adult dessert. 

While strawberries may need to soak for days in some liquors, Epicurious recommends no more than two hours for this red wine infusion, as any longer may make the fruit too soft.

According to The New York Times, strawberries and red wine pair well together because the tannins in red wine nicely balance out the taste and smell of strawberries. If you need a refresher on tannins, they're the strong, bitter element in wine that causes your lips to pucker, according to The Spruce Eats. Mixed with the sweetness of strawberries, the red wine taste softens to produce a well-rounded dessert.