How Long Can You Store Yogurt Parfaits In The Fridge?

Whether you start your day in a routine rush to get to work or getting your kids to school always takes up more time in the morning than you envisioned, sometimes all you can manage for breakfast is grabbing that granola bar that has been sitting in the back of the pantry. However, there are many delicious make-ahead meals that you can prepare to start your day off right.

From breakfast sandwiches stored in the freezer to blueberry muffins made the night before, there are many easy meals that can be made days, or even weeks, in advance to keep you from skipping out on the most important meal of the day.

While overnight oats are a great option, a classic yogurt parfait may be one of the easiest and most affordable go-to options. However, you may be worried about just how fast this option will expire in your fridge, but it may be longer than you think.

It can last for about 3 days

While there are many different variations of a classic yogurt parfait, the original dish is simply yogurt in a jar layered with granola and berries, according to The Recipe Critic. It's usually finished with some berries on top and often a bit of honey.

While you can make these tasty dishes the same day for breakfast or dessert, they can also be made ahead in a sealable jar, such as a mason jar. Kitchn notes that if the dish is covered and refrigerated, it will last for about three days. This is an ideal timeframe if you need a quick grab-and-go meal to get through the beginning of your day or if you prefer being lazy on weekends.

However, if you prefer your granola crunchy in your parfaits, making it ahead of time may not be for you. As time goes on in the fridge, the granola will eventually soften. Rather than being satisfyingly crunchy, it will take on a more chewy texture. Still, you can always assemble the parfait sans granola, and then add your toasted oats right before you eat.