The Stunning Amount Of Hummus Trader Joe's Makes Every Week

Unique, great tasting, and relatively affordable — these are some of the traits that make Trader Joe's stand out from the rest of the grocery store competition. While perusing through the aisles, one is bound to come across a myriad of interesting products, like the ever-popular mini tacos and jars of cookie butter, per Thrillist. The grocery chain is also known for carrying several flavors for certain products, which is primarily evidenced by its hummus selection.

Some of the most popular varieties include Mediterranean-style, dill pickle, roasted garlic, and three-layer hummus that showcases spicy, herbaceous, and classic flavors all in one tub, as mentioned by Eating Well. There's even a chocolate dessert hummus with cane sugar and cocoa, which is a perfect pairing for crackers, fruits, and pretzel sticks, according to the Trader Joe's website.

At this point, it should come as no surprise that hummus is beloved by lots of customers, and in order to keep up with the demand, Trader Joe's has to work pretty hard to create lots of supply, as noted on the following TJ's podcast: "Hummus a Few Bars with Trader Joe's." Here's how much hummus they make every week to keep customers happy.

Care to take a guess?

So first off, for the Mediterranean-style hummus, Trader Joe's is cranking out 85,000 pounds of this stuff every week, according to the episode. In a year, that's roughly 4.4 million pounds of hummus. Co-host Katie says one "can visualize it as about 13 blue whales." And that's just for one flavor. 

Sam, a hummus producer for Trader Joe's, points out that he produces the Classic Organic and Roasted Garlic as well as the seasonal varieties (such as pumpkin spice hummus) for the grocer and that just three of the varieties he produces account for about eight million pounds yearly. In one week, this number is over 150 thousand pounds of hummus. He doesn't claim credit for the popular Mediterranean variety, so it seems safe to assume that comes from a different producer.    

So, trusting that the podcast is touting its most impressive numbers, some back-of-the-envelope calculation tells us that the bulk of TJ's hummus offerings approaches nearly half a million pounds of the creamy treat a week!