Opt For Tequila In Your Next Dirty Martini

A dirty martini is simply glamorous. Its solid presence on the celluloid is testimony to its stardom alone — for instance, James Bond swapped his usual vodka martinis (shaken, not stirred) in favor of a dirty martini in the 2015 film "Spectre," according to The Guardian

From its golden hue to its salty and strong taste, there is something sensual about dirty martinis that make them a go-to drink for many. The drink's association with classy characters like Mr. Bond may make it seem like a complex drink, but making a dirty martini is easy. All you need is vodka or gin, vermouth, and a jar of olives and brine. The last ingredient is important because that is what puts the "dirty" in the dirty martini. Mix it in a cold cocktail glass, put in your olives, and stir. You now have your fix! 

Some people like to stretch the "dirty" factor even further. They add dill pickle juice or jalapeño brine instead of olive brine, according to Today. But, some reports claim that the dirty martini has gotten a whole lot more interesting with customers asking the bartenders to swap the base with the hit party drink — tequila!

Another spirit that works well with brine

Tequila dirty martinis involve simply swapping the vodka or gin with any type of tequila — you may add orange bitters to taste, recommends The Spruce Eats.

Now, you may wonder if this cocktail would be too hot to handle. Yet, there is at least one argument in the favor of its marriage apart from the rising demand. Tequila is everywhere — $11 billion of the spirit was sold last year in the United States alone, according to Statista. And martinis — regular or dirty — have established themselves as the popular evening cocktail across the U.S., says Forbes, citing a release from Neilsen. So, why not make these celebrities, who have an enthusiastic audience, star together?

Requests for dirty tequila martinis are now making rounds in the U.S. Leanne Favre, head bartender at Brooklyn's Leyenda, told Punch that several customers have demanded dirty tequila martinis within the last year. At first, she questioned the combination of tequila and brine, but quickly discovered that it worked and patrons couldn't get enough.

At Philadelphia's The Refectory, bartender Mike Haggerty said that he has altered the dirty tequila martini by swapping the olives with pickled jalapeño brine (via Phillymag). At Farm and Fisherman in Philadelphia, bar manager Danny Child said that customers are not just swapping the martini base with tequila but also for cosmopolitans and more.

So, next time, don't be shy. Get this dirtier martini.