The Best Pickle Juice Cocktail Recipes

6 briny beverages that go beyond the pickleback

It's the sugar in drinks that's (partially) to blame for a nasty hangover, so pull a fast one on tomorrow's headache by opting for pickle juice instead. In fact, the salt and water in pickle juice naturally combats the dehydrating effect of alcohol, so you're really just running a net zero in the end. Here are six boozy ways to mix it up with pickle juice.

The New Pickleback
The standard dill pickle-whiskey combo works fine, but since you can pickle anything, you might as well utilize the juice from your alternative creations, too. Try a shot of tequila followed by the brine from pickled watermelon rind.

Pickle-Infused Vodka
All you really need to do is combine vodka and pickle juice (we recommend a three-to-one ratio), but you might as well throw a pickle and a sprig of fresh dill into the bottle for aesthetic glory and even more flavor. Pour it over ice after a few days, and you have the perfect one-ingredient cocktail.

Fisherman's Folly
Fish sauce and pickle juice make this funky cocktail a far cry from the fruity drinks you're used to. The matcha powder gives it a slight creaminess, and grapefruit juice adds a citrus tang that works well with the sake-and-gin base.

Seafood Bloody Mary
A shot of pickle juice will feel right at home in this briny cocktail. With all the health benefits of pickle juice plus the tomato juice base of the brunch favorite, you've practically ordered a salad.

 Spring Onion Martini
Add a pour of pickle juice to this one to make it even more zippy. It'll play well with the pickled ramps, which you can buy if you didn't preserve your own last spring.

Dill Pickle Martini
Think dirty martini but with pickles instead of olives, where pickle juice takes the place of vermouth. James Bond will never know what he's missing.