Why You Should Swap Traditional Cake Frosting For Whipped Cream

Of all the celebratory desserts out there, there's no denying that cake stands out among its peers. So many of us choose to celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and other occasions with sweet confection, and it's not hard to understand why. Cake can be fun, colorful, and richly indulgent, the perfect treat for fêting someone on their special day — and bringing a little joy to each party guest, as well.

From subtly sweet loaf cakes to buttery pound cakes to sky-high angel food cakes and more, the varieties of cake out there can seem endless, ensuring that every type of sweets-lover can find just the right one for their particular palate. But many of us will agree that it's pretty hard to beat a frosted cake. Whether swirled with buttercream, whirled with cream cheese frosting, or draped in chocolate ganache, there's just something about the contrast between fluffy cake and rich frosting that's hard to beat.

Whipped cream is an overlooked choice for cake frosting

When you've baked a lovely homemade cake and are pondering what to frost it with, you likely choose from one of the above types, which are some of the most common cake frostings out there (via WebstaurantStore). But as noted by Epicurious, an overlooked choice that can be just as delicious — and much less fussy to make — is plain old whipped cream. In remembrance of fluffy, whipped cream-topped chiffon cakes, contributor Genevieve Yam recalls that these fresh fruit-garnished delights were ubiquitous at family events, purchased from Chinese bakeries.

Often, the cakes featured intricate curlicues and ribbons of whipped cream as part of their decoration, but Yam notes that a simple coating of whipped cream atop a fluffy sponge cake — with the sliced fruit served on the side — is more than enough effort for a casual gathering. Best of all, no advance preparation, such as bringing butter to room temperature. Yam's recreation of the cakes of her youth calls for a simple whipped cream, but if you want to create a more stable whipped cream frosting, you can mix in a little mascarpone, notes WebstaurantStore. Either way, this simple frosting is sure to satisfy.