The Extra Step Heston Blumenthal Takes For Ultra Crispy French Fries

Known as a kind of culinary alchemist for his unique approach to food, Heston Blumenthal has turned food science into multi-sensory experiences, and by combining unique flavors and dining room theatrics, he's earned a reputation as one of Britain's top chefs, according to Fine Dining Lovers. From wall paper that can be licked to edible fairy lights and meat fruit, Blumenthal told Vogue India that the key to creative culinary success is to believe anything is possible and to never give up. So, as we set out to make the crunchiest, crispiest fries you've ever tasted, keep his motto in mind.

Making perfect french fries can seem like an elusive task, but Blumenthal has tips to help home chefs place crispy fries confidently onto kitchen tables. Arran victory potatoes are the best, Blumenthal explains to BBC Studios, and the way you prepare the potatoes can make or break the texture of the fries you're hoping to serve. To start, cut the potatoes into regular-sized pieces; If the cuts are too thick, you'll end up with soggy fries — and that's what we're trying to prevent.

Crispy fries will be your reward

Once the potatoes have been cut, place them into a bowl of water with running tap water to remove some of the starch, Blumenthal advises BBC Studios. These washed potatoes will be simmered in lightly salted water for 10 to 20 minutes, until the potatoes are close to breaking. This step requires some attention, however, as the potatoes shouldn't be cooked so long that they break. This step helps create nooks and crannies on the potatoes' surface for oil to cling to and results in a crisper, crunchier fry.

After the potatoes have simmered, place them on a rack to dry before setting the tray into the refrigerator. After 30 minutes, a rough surface will form on each of the potatoes. This crystalized texture will also contribute to building that extra crispy crunch, encourages Blumenthal. 

Next, remove the potatoes from the fridge and place them in hot oil for their first frying. When the outside of the fries have turned light golden, take them out of the pan, drain, and again set them back into the fridge to cool and dry. Remember: Don't give up. For the final step, the cooled potatoes will be added back into the hot oil for their final frying. Though the process may seem laborious, if it results in perfectly crispy fries made at home and we think the effort is worth it.