Shake Shack Debuts 2 Sweet New Shakes To Kick Off 2023

Shakes and hamburgers are a classic combination that has satisfied taste buds for decades across America at drive-ins, diners, and fast food restaurants like Shake Shack. There are few things better than biting into a juicy burger and then taking a sip of a sweet milkshake to cleanse your palate before taking another bite of savory goodness, says Burger Republic.

Enjoying a milkshake with a hamburger is a relatively new practice, but folks have been enjoying them individually for ages. Per The Dairy Alliance, milkshakes were first served in 1885, but (not to be outdone), the burger has roots in ancient Rome. However, that milkshake of the 19th century wasn't the kid-friendly version we're used to, as early milkshakes contained cream, eggs, and whiskey. But by the 20th century, milkshake makers replaced the alcohol with flavored syrups and malted milk, and that's the kind Americans have grown to love at places like Shake Shack through the years. 

The hamburger and milkshake restaurant makes their shakes from house-made frozen custard that comes in vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry, black & white, and vanilla & chocolate. The chain also offers seasonal shakes, such as Choco Salted Toffee Shake and Apple Cider Donut Shake, which dropped in the Fall of 2022.

Classic dessert flavors

To kick off the new year, Shake Shack has unveiled shakes in two classic dessert flavors, according to a press statement provided to Tasting Table. Their decadent new Tiramisu Shake is made of coffee- and mascarpone-flavored custard, which is topped with whipped cream, cocoa, and a ladyfinger cookie. The second new shake may stir up memories of hot summer days as a child. The Dreamsicle Shake is comprised of vanilla and blood-orange frozen custard with whipped cream and crushed orange candies sprinkled on top. The two new shakes will be available at Shake Shacks across the country, starting at $6.09.

It's not clear how long the limited-time shakes will be on Shake Shack's menu, but in 2023 more people around the globe will get to enjoy their offerings, as the company expects to open 65 to 70 new locations this year, according to QSR. The planned restaurants come after a quarter where 35 new Shake Shack locations opened their doors, and same-store sales rose 5.1% compared to the year prior. So it's clear that Shake Shack's combination of seasonal and classic milkshakes and hamburgers is a winning one.