Insomnia Cookies Adds New Brownies And Blondies To Its Permanent Menu

The munchies have no concept of time. It's a fact true foodies recognize, understand, and make peace with. According to an International Food Information Council Survey via ABC 13, 60% of U.S. adults are fans of late-night snacking. Maybe your sweet tooth typically isn't very strong, but you're craving a cookie for the first time in a while. Or, maybe you're acutely aware that National Cookie Day is on December 4 and you've already taken the liberty of marking it in your calendar. Either way, U.S. consumers have been enjoying cookies since the late 1620s — and they've been enjoying them for after-hours delivery since 2003 when Insomnia Cookies was first conceptualized in Seth Berkowitz's dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, the bakery chain has opened more than 200 brick-and-mortar stores and an experimental CookieLab.

If you're craving a midnight (or 3:00 a.m.) snack, Insomnia Cookies has you covered. If you're craving a unique flavor, the chain regularly tries out ambitious flavors on its cookie menu. Last Summer, Insomnia rolled out carnival-inspired seasonal cookie flavors like Caramel Corn and Churro. For winter 2022, Insomnia introduced Red Velvet Cookies N' Cream, Jinglebread, and filled Hot Cocoa cookies. But, these were limited-time seasonal items. Now, Insomnia just added two new items to its permanent menu. This week, Insomnia Cookies introduced the newest additions to its already legendary confectionary lineup: brookies and blondies.

Blondies (and brookies) have more fun

Insomnia Cookies has carried classic brownies for some time now, but the brookie (a "brownie cookie") and blondie join the Chocolate Chunk Brownie in Insomnia's non-cookie fare. The bakery chain took to Instagram to spill the details. The Chocolate Chunk Brookie is half brownie and half Insomnia's signature chocolate chunk cookie. The Chocolate Chunk Blondie, per its namesake, combines a cookie and a blondie. Like other offerings on Insomnia's menu, you can load the Brookie up with toppings like Galaxy Sprinkles and Brownie Bites. But, unlike the seasonal cookies, these aren't going anywhere. Plus, they can be added to the Super 6, 4+4, Deluxe 4, and Deluxe 6-pack bundles — and, of course, delivered until 3:00 a.m.

These brookies and blondies come after a killer year for Insomnia Cookies. Per Restaurant Business, the company made Technomic's Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report of the highest-grossing businesses in the U.S. food industry for its 2022 sales. Fans are likely watching with anticipation to see what Insomnia does next.