Insomnia's New Cookie Flavors Scream Summer

In a press release sent to Tasting Table, Insomnia Cookies announced its annual 'Wichfest to kick off summer on a sweet note. Throughout the month of June, Insomnia fans can receive $2 off any item listed on the 'wich menu, featuring ice cream sandwiches made with classic and out-of-the-box cookie flavors and a variety of ice creams  – but that's not all to get excited about.

Founded in 2003 by a college student, Insomnia's cookie-delivery service has been appreciated by dorm residents and office workers alike for its ability to satisfy late-night cravings (via Insomnia Cookies). After teasing info about its upcoming seasonal flavors with a series of drool-inducing images and stories on Instagram, Insomnia Cookies finally revealed a new lineup that will have you dreaming of warm nights, thrilling rides, and classic summer fun.

Summer treats baked with nostalgia

Inspired by classic state fair treats, Insomnia's limited-edition flavors are intended to take you back to golden days spent at summer carnivals. The new lineup features three cookie varieties: Blue Ribbon Blueberry Cookie, an oat-based cookie with blueberries, graham crackers, and cinnamon; Caramel Corn Cookie, packed with popcorn, toffee, caramel, and peanuts; and the Deluxe Filled Churro Cookie. (This one is almost sure to be a winner: In 2020, BBC reported churro recipes were one of the most-searched on Google.) Insomnia's taking the classic fair food one step further, wrapping gooey chocolate cookie butter in its churro cookie dough.

These seasonal cookies can also be enjoyed as ice cream sandwiches if you live close enough to order at an Insomnia storefront (sadly, the chain is unable to deliver the frozen treats locally or nationally). Blue Ribbon Blueberry Monster'wich presses vanilla ice cream and bits of Snickerdoodle between two Blue Ribbon Blueberry cookies; Caramel Corn Cookie'wich features vanilla ice cream; the Deluxe Filled Churro Cookie'wich combines its namesake cookie with chocolate ice cream.

The only thing bad about this announcement is — just like summer — the treats are only around for a limited time. Available now, the State Fair lineup can be found online and in stores until June 26.