Which Type Of Whiskey Glass Do You Prefer? - Exclusive Survey

It is all thanks to the knowledge of distillation, passed down from ancient Mesopotamia to the hallowed halls of Roman monks, that we have whiskey today. But Bottleneck Management says that it was sometime between the ages of 1000 and 1200 A.D. that the true art and method of whiskey was developed in Scottish and Irish monasteries with slight distilling differences and spelling variations that still persist today. Whiskey with an "ey" at the end refers to Irish-made whereas whisky with just a "y" at the end is in reference to Scottish (via Oak & Eden). However you spell it, whiskeys are known to be distilled from a delicious grain mash, which gives the liquor that iconic and delicious nutty flavor, buoyed by the oak barrels it's housed in which softens the sting of alcohol with notes of caramel and smoke. 

There are an array of types of whiskey for various tastes, and while the type of whiskey your drink is a personal preference, how you drink your spirit is equally so. Do you prefer it neat, in a glass diluted with ice, or with whiskey stones? And what kind of glass do you prefer to drink out of? The whiskey glass you use has almost as much influence over your drinking experience as the kind of whiskey, and according to Tasting Table's latest survey, there is a particular kind of glass people enjoy sipping out of above all others.

Highball raised above all

Whiskey, with its rich golden hue and tantalizing aroma of vanilla and spices, is not the kind of beverage you knock back. It is meant to be sipped and savored, enjoyed against the burning heat of alcohol. But what kind of whiskey glass do people prefer to drink out of? 

Tasting Table's latest survey puts highball whiskey glasses at the top of the list with 226 individuals out of a survey of 567 people saying that a highball glass was their top choice. That equates to 39.86% of those surveyed preferring the thick-based, straight-rimmed, and crystal-clear drinking glasses over any other container. These glasses are also commonly used for cocktails.

The runner-up choice was the whiskey tumbler glass with an approval rating of 31.92%. A whiskey tumbler glass aka a rocks glass or old-fashioned glass has a traditional thick, heavy base much like the highball glass, but with a shorter rim (via Waterford). They are often cut with attractive geometric shapes and are commonly used at bars for whiskey-based drinks. The tulip and snifter glass tied in third place as 10.58% of people's preferred choice, and in last place with only 7.05% approval was the Glencairn glass created by Glencairn Crystal Studio.