How To Get The Most Out Of Your Whiskey Stones

The Scottish and Irish have an age-old argument about who invented whiskey. But there are plenty of records from monks in both lands who turned their knowledge of perfume distillation into the practice of making grain-based alcohol (via Bottleneck Management). But the Scottish and Irish both claim a part in whiskey's history, and it has become a point of national pride for both.

The word whiskey is rooted in the Gaelic language, meaning the water of life, per BlacktailNYC. Many drinking tunes, like hymns and shanties, have been dedicated to this amber drink over the years. Whiskey is traditionally made from barley and distilled two to three times for a smoother taste and higher alcohol content (via Whiskey Advocate). It is looked down upon to add ice to this liquor because ice waters down the flavor and ruins the drinking experience. Yet people want to keep their glasses cool. The solution: whiskey stones.

Proper use of whiskey stones

Whisky stones stay cold for long periods of time and don't dilute drinks. Over the past two decades, they have grown in popularity worldwide and, despite the name, not all whiskey stones these days are actually made of stone. Many buyers now gravitate toward steel stones because they believe metal keeps cool longer. Home Wet Bar says this is because some metal whiskey stones have a gel inside that does stay frozen longer than the ones made from soapstone. 

According to Whiskey Bon, no matter what material your whiskey stones are made from, you should keep them in the freezer for 4 hours or more before putting them in your drink. When it comes to storing your stones, wash them after each use and keep them in the freezer so they are ready to be used at your leisure. For optimal cooling, put the stones into your drinking glass first, then pour your liquor slowly over the top. Don't drink right away, instead, wait for 2 to 3 minutes so the stones can affect the whiskey's temperature.

The Takeout warns that the whiskey stones will not keep your drink as cold as ice, but that is a good thing! If whiskey gets below a specific temperature point — 45 degrees Fahrenheit — the flavor of the drink will be affected, and we don't want that.