For A Perfect Banana Milkshake, Turn On Your Oven

Have you ever tried a banana milkshake? If not, you wouldn't be alone, as Tastewise shares that trend performance of the beverage has gone down 166% over the past year. The same can't be said for strawberry, chocolate, and Oreo milkshakes, however, which hold the titles for most popular milkshakes in the U.S., according to RTA Outdoor Living. Still, banana milkshakes remain the most loved flavor in Arkansas and Washington D.C.

While banana-flavored sweet drinks may sound a bit unique, they actually make complete sense when you think about it. Bananas are the base for many delicious, dessert-like smoothies, such as this strawberry cinnamon smoothie and this healthy black forest smoothie. Insanely Good Recipes shares that they're a staple in many creamy cocktail recipes, such as frozen banana daiquiris and banana split cocktails, and banana milk is considered a staple South Korean treat.

If you're on the fence about banana milkshakes, this spiced banana caramel milkshake recipe is here to change your mind. And for a healthier option, try using milk and Greek yogurt instead of ice cream, and adding in vanilla extract or vanilla protein powder to amp up the flavor, per Livestrong

But if you want to really elevate your banana milkshake, try this game-changing TikTok hack.

Try adding heavenly roasted bananas

This tip for enhancing the flavor in your banana milkshake may take an extra step, but the added depth of flavor is worth it. According to TikTok user Icki_Micki, roasting your bananas before adding them to your milkshake caramelizes them, which makes for a heavenly banana dessert. In a video with over 460,000 likes, she broils her bananas in a toaster oven, then lets them cool before adding them to a blender with vanilla ice cream and milk. "This man has changed my life," she said, referring to her co-worker who gave her the tip.

While this may be a novel technique to many, bananas are often cooked in a similar fashion when making bananas foster milkshakes. Celebrity chef Guy Fieri caramelizes his banana slices on the stove using butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and banana liqueur, which sounds like an absolutely delicious combination, per Food Network, while Martha Stewart suggests caramelizing the bananas with a hand-held torch and incorporating caramel sauce and pretzel fragments in the milkshake.

To zhush up your beverage even more, try adding cocoa powder or peanut butter, as suggested by a comment on the TikTok video. Or, if you don't want to bother making your own, head to Sonic and try their fresh banana milkshake with Oreos, hot fudge, or strawberries — just know it won't be quite the same as one made with roasted bananas.