The Whipped Ingredient You Should Be Adding To Boxed Cake Mix

Boxed cake mix can help you easily create beautiful and delicious cakes from the comfort of your home. Whether you're preparing milk chocolate cupcakes for a party or wanting to surprise a friend with a colorful baked treat, pre-made powders have been helping aspiring chefs whip up tasty dishes since the 1800s.

Three Cooking Sisters insists boxed cake mixes can, indeed, be prepared and made to taste as good as any cake made and sold by a professional baker. Adding extra ingredients such as whole milk, instant pudding, or flavored extract can help give those easy-to-assemble boxed mixes an upgrade, assured Simply Recipes. Topped with homemade classic vanilla buttercream frosting, it would take a discerning cake connoisseur to identify the exact source of the cake batter.

One ingredient, in particular, can help you prepare a spongy, irresistible cake worthy of the finest decorations. The best part? It is probably already stored in your refrigerator.

A fluffier cake

Insider encourages at-home bakers to use egg whites instead of whole eggs to make fluffier cake out of box mixes. Egg whites can be whipped and folded into the batter to result in a richer, more structured and moist cake.

If you decide to make the ingredient swap and leave the egg yolks out of the recipe, Taste of Home recommends using two egg whites for each egg required on the label. When pouring egg whites directly out of a carton, measure one-quarter cup in order to substitute for each egg. Then, use a light hand when combining the whipped egg whites with the boxed batter, advises Livestrong. Mixing the batter too enthusiastically after you have already whipped the eggs can result in the egg whites loosing some of their puffiness. As a result, the airy texture you are striving to create could be lost.

When do you pull your baked cake out of the oven, you will be delighted to see a spongy, fluffy base that can be beautifully decorated and served.