Gordon Ramsay's Pepper Mill Tip For Perfectly Seasoned Meals

If you've ever given in to the siren song of buying kitchen gear, a classic wooden or stainless steel pepper mill is one of those items that probably caught your eye at some point and ended up on your kitchen counter. According to Peugeot Pepper Mills, the pepper grinder was the brainchild of French carmaker Peugeot and was invented in 1874 to create fresh cracked pepper. That first model was called the Z model, and a century and a half later, the culinary world is still using this seasoning tool to grind fresh pepper.

In fact, per the McCormick Science Institute, black pepper, which once went by the monikers "black gold" and "king of spices," is the most used spice in the world. According to a ReporterLinker press release, by 2027, researchers anticipate the global black pepper market to be worth a whopping $5.7 billion, with the United States accounting for $1.1 billion in 2020. But if you are going to use this spice to enhance the flavors of your pasta, salads, meats, and other favorite recipes, MasterClass says a pepper mill is a must-have. Why? Because the flavor of fresh ground pepper tastes better than what is sitting in a pepper shaker. And if you are going to use a pepper mill, you need Gordon Ramsay's pepper mill tip for perfectly seasoned meals because it's a game changer.

The top screw has a purpose

Gordon Ramsay took to Youtube to share that the screw on the top of your pepper mill has a purpose and when you use it properly, it can help you season the dishes you are making. Ramsay shares that when you adjust the screw, you are changing the type of ground you are producing. Ramsay explains that if you want a fine pepper ground for soups and sauces, simply tighten the top screw. The "Hell's Kitchen" host goes on to say, "For general seasoning, you want a medium ground." This means you want to set the screw in the middle. And for a course ground that you would use for foods like steaks and fish, Ramsay says "loosen that screw right off."

Of course, all pepper grinders are not created the same. According to Cooks Info, if your pepper mill doesn't have a screw on the top, you may find a screw or wheel at the bottom of your grinder. 

Serious Eats says if you are in the market for a pepper mill, there are a couple of things you should consider: In addition to being able to produce different size grounds, look for one that is easy to twist and produces a lot of pepper without having to turn the mill more than a couple of times.