Gordon Ramsay's Cooking Tips For Beginners

And, no, they don't involve calling yourself an 'idiot sandwich'

For most of us, our first impression of Gordon Ramsay was via his frightening on-screen persona—the one that sparked an entire dictionary of brilliant insults and infamous Internet memes. But before he became famous for making children cry, Ramsay was actually known for giving resourceful tips and thoughtful advice to novice home cooks, and here are eight of his smartest lessons.

① Salt Your Eggs at Just the Right Time

According to Ramsay, you should salt your scrambled eggs only right before they're finished cooking, since salting them too early will drain them of their moisture. Time your seasoning right, and your eggs will come out with a softer texture and brighter color. 

② Let Your Meat Come to Room Temperature Before Cooking

Whether you're roasting, grilling or searing that beautiful pork tenderloin, letting it come to room temperature before firing it will allow the meat to cook more evenly.

③ Deseed Chiles in a Flash

For a painless way to deseed small chiles, roll them between your palms like you're starting a fire with twigs before rapping them against the kitchen counter. After you cut off the stems, the seeds should fall out with just a couple of taps.

④ Save Your Fingers from Burning Hot Peppers

The next time you mince said chiles, squeeze lemon juice on your hand—the acid will purge your fingers of fiery capsaicin, the compound responsible for that unpleasant burning sensation.

⑤ Pick the Perfect Pineapple

If you're having trouble picking out the ideal pineapple for your next cocktail infusion, give one of the leaves a gentle tug. If you can pluck it out easily, you're in business.

⑥ Discover Your Pepper Grinder's Hidden Feature

That silver knob on the top of your grinder can be used for more than just refilling. Twisting it tighter creates a finer pepper grind, while loosening it produces a coarser sprinkle optimal for your next bowl of cacio e pepe

⑦ Ripen Fruit Faster

To speed up the ripening process, wrap any unripe fruit inside a paper bag with a banana and stash it in a dark place. The banana will release a natural gas and your fruit will be ready to eat in no time.

⑧ Make Your Roast Potatoes Extra Crispy

For satisfyingly crunchy roast potatoes, parboil your tubers then dust them in all-purpose or semolina flour before popping them in the oven.