France's Herby Melfor Honey Vinegar Makes Salad Dressing Pop

Alongside other major contenders, Melfor honey vinegar made it to the top of The Strategist's French pantry staples — and for a good reason. Antoine Westermann, the French chef and owner behind Le Coq Rico, explains that this specific vinegar brings him back to childhood. The vinegar is a honey and herb mix that is less acidic than most kinds of vinegar, which make it the perfect base for salad dressings.

The vinegar originates in Alsace, France, an area of northeastern France close to the German border that is known for having some of the best food in France (via The Spruce Eats). Given its proximity to Germany and its rich history of ownership, the cuisine has resulted in a delicious cuisine of its own, blending the best of French and German cuisines. 

With such strong culinary roots, we've decided to take a deeper look into Malfor honey vinegar and what makes it so unique.

Your new go-to vinegar for salads

As described by The Gourmet Corner, the recipe for Melfor honey vinegar, which features "spirit vinegar, honey, and an infusion of plants," was created by Fernand Higy in 1922 and is considered an essential kitchen item to many. Unlike other vinegars, which can be sour and overpowering, Melfor has a way of being both sweet and sour. But don't let the sweetness of this vinegar fool you. While it will pair well with your summer salads, the honey is also quite useful, helping to cut the acidity and balance out the other flavors in the dressing (via Epicurious).

Adding vinegar to salads is not only delicious, but it's also nutritious. According to Livestrong, vinegar helps the body with absorption, helps aid people with diabetes, and is a healthy alternative for fats. Why not make healthy choices, while also enjoying some of the best products out there?

Give it a try in everything from this Grilled Summer Shrimp Salad to this Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette for a pop of flavor.