The Country Joël Robuchon Said Served The Best Gin And Tonics

While ordering a gin and tonic may sound basic, depending on who is making your drink, the cocktail can be anything but boring. From proportions to garnish to the chosen vessel in which the cocktail is served, traditional gin and tonic recipes can become impressive presentations. And if anyone knows how to identify the highest-quality culinary experiences, it is Chef Joël Robuchon. Robuchon's rich resume provides sturdy qualifications to locate various gastronomic gems across the globe.

When Robuchon announced that one location, in particular, is sliding delicious gin and tonics across its bars, so we had to take note. In one European country, gin and tonic cocktails have become an art form. The drink isn't simply a highball, Robuchon insists to Decanter; instead, orders of gin and tonic are served in goblet-style glasses rimmed with lemons and served with elegant spoons. Bartenders' dramatic pours of bubbly tonic only emphasize that these gin and tonics are a special kind of drinking experience.

A cocktail that is an occasion

According to Robuchon, Spain has taken the gin and tonic and made it it's own. "They're an occasion," founder of Top Note tonics and mixers Mary Pellettierri told Alcohol Professor. The decked-out Spanish gin and tonics are rumored to have origins in the kitchen when chefs would add various ingredients to their drinks while they were cooking: citrus wedges, berries, herbs, vegetables, spices, and bitters.

As with any gin and tonic recipe, the quality of the tonic impacts the drink. Many Spanish restaurants will stock more than one brand of tonic, notes Epicurean Ways, and the bartender will add flavors and dashes of bitters or liqueur according to the order. Spanish bartenders often shy away from pouring tonics in plastic bottles and instead reach for well-balanced labels that are sweetened with agave or cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, (per Little Spain).

Thirsty? We have a bold gin and tonic recipe that can serve as your entry point into the world of these refreshing, decorative cocktails.