The Big Complaint People Have About Gordon Ramsay's NYC Fish And Chip Joint

Gordon Ramsay may boast one of the most revered names in the food world, but one of his favorite dishes is an uncomplicated British bar food: fish and chips. (It's perhaps fitting considering Ramsay cooked for Princess Diana of England herself.) In a video demonstration of his fish and chips recipe, Ramsay calls the dish his personal "go-to comfort food." The chef says the "secret" to a killer basket of fish and chips "is in the batter," and reveals his recipe for a simple yet flavorful beer batter. Alas, the video was posted in 2017, and times have perhaps changed for the world-renowned chef's chippies.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips opened its NYC location in December 2022 and quickly emerged as the subject of some negative reviews. Before Ramsay opened his Manhattan location, he had other pre-existing fish and chip shops in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Washington D.C. In total, the chef owns more than 50 restaurants and boasts multiple Michelin stars (via Parade), but judging by recent reviews, it looks like the chef's fish and chips are falling flat. 

The biggest complaint people have? The star menu item is shockingly flavorless. Eater New York calls the fish and chips "good, though mind-bogglingly bland" while Insider says neither the batter nor the cod filet itself seemed to be seasoned. So, what went wrong?

Fishing for flavor

On "Hell's Kitchen," Ramsay has expelled no shortage of admonishments for improperly seasoned food. He has physically spat out overly salted food on air. One of his most beloved iconic insults: "You added so much salt and pepper I can hear the dish singing 'Push It.'" But now, fans seem to be begging the chef to employ a little more seasoning on his fish and chips. A spokesperson from Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips told Insider that the dish is intended to be minimally seasoned. The fish filet is hit with a pinch of lemon salt, and the batter is made from flour, pastry cream powder, baking powder, salt, and water. It's meant to be understated, but for some guests, the statement isn't coming through at all.

New York City has had an infamously unflattering reaction to Ramsay's otherwise successful restaurateur endeavors. Ramsay opened his signature Gordon Ramsay in 2007 in Manhattan's West Village and shuttered its doors by 2013, says Eater New York. The establishment lost both of the Michelin stars it earned following poor reviews about the establishment's lackluster service and inconsistent meals. 

This new restaurant's high prices also seem partially to blame for its lack of success. Another common criticism of Ramsay's fish and chips is that it's overpriced for what it is, and the steep price tag likely comes with the Time Square address. On 1500 Broadway, Ramsay's three-piece cod basket runs for $17.99, twice the price of the cod basket at A Salt & Battery in Greenwich Village.