The Chocolate Fruit Terry's Created Before Its Famous Orange

It's one of those holiday treats that both kids and adults crave every year. If you've never had the opportunity to peel back the gold foil on a Terry's Chocolate Orange, you're missing out on a key life moment. There's a reason it's considered a classic British chocolate! Seriously, there is something purely magical about waking up on a cold dreary morning to a chocolate treat waiting for you. The orange confection itself is made of milk or dark chocolate and not only looks like a whole orange on the outside, but you'll notice little lines on the skin where you can remove individual slices from the chocolate fruit itself. These slices are molded to look like real orange pieces and are perfectly bite-sized! By creating a sliced chocolate orange, Terry's Chocolates provide a charming, nostalgic, and long-lasting sugar experience that you and the ones you love can enjoy.

Terry's Chocolate Orange began being produced in 1931, says Let's Look Again, though the company was much older than its most famous creation. The candy company itself dates all the way back to the 18th century in York, England, but it was during the roaring twenties when Terry's dessert chocolates grew in high demand and began shaping and flavoring its products into fruit. Though the orange was the company's crowning jewel, it was not the first of Terry's nature-inspired products.

What came first, the orange or apple?

Terry's Chocolate Orange is by far the company's most successful and popular product to date. It was introduced in the 1930s right before the beginning of World War II just a few years after Terry's first fruit product: the apple. Never heard of Terry's Chocolate Apple? Well, you're not alone! This candy, like the orange, was shaped like an apple and split into 20 slices of chocolate flavored with the fruit (via Kraft Foods Archives).

According to Delish, the apple was created and released in 1926 full of fruity flavor and flair, but as with almost everything else in the world, World War II changed Terry's Chocolate Apples forever. The factory was shut down during England's years at war and when it reopened again it did produce both apple and orange confections for a handful of years. 

Unfortunately, you'd be extremely hard-pressed to find a Terry's Chocolate Apple today. The company stopped making the product in 1954 and never brought it back. It, however, might have been for the best. Carambar & Co says that Terry's Chocolate began its practice in 1767 by selling candied lemons and oranges. It seems only fitting that they've turned back to their citrus ways throughout the centuries, especially since people love the mouthwatering combination of chocolate and citrus.