Mogu Mogu: The Fruity Thai Drink That's Full Of Coconut Jelly

Prior to 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic redefined everyone's sense of normalcy, bubble tea cafés were the place to be — and arguably, they still are. 2022 research from Mintel found that, after two years of lockdowns, people haven't just been craving spaces where they can connect with others, but food and drinks that feel uplifting, with new experiential flavors, colors, and textures. What's more experiential and uplifting than slurping squishy tapioca balls through a big, colorful straw?

As the bubble tea market continues to expand (per Fortune Business Insights), other beverage products are providing consumers with similar experiences — Mogu Mogu being one of them. From the Japanese word meaning "to chew," Mogu Mogu is a variety of colorful, sweet, and fruity-flavored drinks that contain an add-on known as nata de coco, a coconut gel created from fermented coconut water (via Taste of Home). The combination of flavors and texture is both comforting and experiential, and people are drinking (and chewing) it right up.


Mogu Mogu first appeared in Thailand in 2001 as the brand's breakout beverage. Launched under Adisak Ruckariyaphong, the second-generation executive of the family business, Mogu Mogu came from a concept inspired by nata de coco's wide popularity in Southeast Asian snacks and desserts. Made by fermenting the liquid found inside young, green coconuts, the coconut jelly is sweet and flavorful while providing a unique texture when chewed. In fact, when Mogu Mogu first appeared on the market, it came with the slogan "you gotta chew."

The success of Mogu Mogu was nearly overnight, and it quickly became the go-to chewy snack drink — from Asia to Europe and the Middle East to the U.S. (per Get Mogu Mogu). A quick search on Youtube will bring up hundreds of mukbang videos (or Korean eating shows) with thousands of views. It's even the subject of a catchy song called "Mogu Mogu Yummy" from Nekomata Okayu, one of the virtual talents from the Japanese tech entertainment company, Hololive Production. Similarly, across TikTok, you'll find even more clips of people from all over the world taste-testing the chewy drinks and sharing their favorite flavors.

How to enjoy

From the sour, yellow passionfruit flavor to the baby pink lychee, green melon, and blue blackcurrant flavors, part of why Mogu Mogu has gained such a fan following is the sheer variety of colors and flavors that people have to choose from. With nearly 20 different flavors available in the U.S. and even more in countries abroad, choosing your favorite flavor is almost like determining your go-to bubble tea combination — which, of course, can change on any given day. But that's all part of the fun of drinking Mogu Mogu!

Despite containing 26 grams of sugar, Mogu Mogu isn't as sweet tasting as typical American juices (via Taste of Home). Nor does the nata de coco sink to the bottom of your cup as the tapioca pearls in your bubble tea would. Instead, Mogu Mogu has a much lighter and fresher flavor, with pieces of coconut jelly floating within it. It's said that the coconut gel absorbs the flavor of the drink, and floats into each pour for a consistent chewiness in every sip you take. In addition to being a good source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber, the coconut jelly aids digestion and provides a feeling of fullness (per Get Mogu Mogu).

According to Drink Mogu Mogu, the drinks pair well with foods like spicy Asian dumplings or curry. Plus, if you're a fan of slushies, some some TikTok videos have been stirring around of people freezing their Mogu Mogu to get a Slurpee-like consistency.

Shopping for Mogu Mogu

Thanks to its online virality, Mogu Mogu can be purchased in more than 60 different countries around the globe.  However, the flavors you'll be able to get your hands on can vary from country to country and even store to store. A Taste of Home article describes shopping for Mogu Mogu in Seattle, where the author had to visit a couple of local Asian supermarkets to get her hands on the chunky beverage. Fortunately, however, the second store had six different individually sold flavors to choose from and even more that were sold in six packs.

But if you are having trouble sourcing it from your local Asian market, big box store or delivery retailer, the drink seller has you covered, as you can even use the Mogu Mogu store locator to find the closest place to buy it from, which even includes gas stations and convenience shops in its searches.