Peet's Coffee Is Bringing Back Its Golden Lattes For 2023

Peet's Coffee is adding a golden touch to its lattes on the winter menu, which will be available for purchase in the new year (per a press release shared with Tasting Table). Not only will the lattes have a beautiful slightly golden hue, but they will also contain ingredients known for their health benefits. Adding flavor (and a beautiful aroma) to the coffee beverages will be turmeric, ginger, and honey.

None of these flavors are new to the Peet's beverage lineup. Turmeric and ginger have been added to Peet's winter coffees since 2018, giving the drinks slightly spicy and warm flavors, per QSR. The inspiration behind these comforting additions was the coffee company's founder Alfred Peet, who sold similar ingredients at his first shop in 1966 called Peet's Coffee, Tea, and Spices. Both ginger and turmeric reportedly have pain-relieving effects and are full of antioxidants, says Eating Well

You can reap these health benefits and switch up your usual coffee in the new year with three different golden lattes, plus a new dark roast on the winter menu.  

Four seasonal beverages

Peet's winter menu will include four limited-time beverages, including one new one, the Golden Cold Brew Oat Latte (via a press release shared with Tasting Table). The newest addition to the coffee shop's Golden collection incorporates the flavors of turmeric, oat milk, ginger, honey, and of course, Baridi Cold Brew.

Returning favorites include the Golden Caffe Latte, which can be served iced or hot. You will be able to taste the warm flavors throughout the drink because the turmeric is incorporated into the milk as it steams, as well as honey and ginger. This special latte is made with Espresso Forte. 

Also available iced or hot will be the Golden Chai Latte, which blends Mighty Leaf Masala Chai with steamed milk and turmeric. Finally, the new year will mark the return of Ethiopian Super Natural, which is a dark roast that highlights the region's coffee cherry that has been dried by the sun. This method of drying elevates the flavor of blueberry, which adds complexity to your morning cup of joe.

Peet's winter menu will be available starting January 4, 2023 nationwide and will be offered until March 7. If you need some grub to go along with these seasonal beverages, the coffee brand is also adding a toasted caprese sandwich to the menu with herb-marinated tomatoes, mozzarella, fontina, and pesto on herb-dusted toasted focaccia.