Peet's Coffee Just Reached An Impressive Sustainability Milestone

Alfred Peet learned about coffee while working at his father's coffee shop in Holland, and was disappointed in American coffee after moving here, states the Peet's Coffee website. The first Peet's Coffee location — named for its founder — officially opened its doors April 1, 1966, in Berkeley, California.

Since then, 340 locations have opened across the United States (via ScrapeHero). You can also find Peet's Coffee in grocery stores nationwide, in the form of bagged beans, grounds, and K-cups. When you order online from Peet's, the beans are hand-roasted for the freshest flavor, delivered directly to your door.

Ethics and sustainability have always been at the forefront of the company, according to its website. Its goal has always been to partner with farmers to deliver the perfect cup of coffee to consumers, while allowing customers to feel good about their choice in coffee. Recently, the company made a big announcement regarding its coffee.

Peet's has dedicated itself to ethical practices

As detailed on the Peet's Coffee website, 100% of its coffee is responsibly sourced, per Enveritas standards. Enveritas is a coffee industry verification nonprofit; it ensures that coffee is sourced from ethical farms around the world through regular audits. Peet's Coffee reports that Enveritas officials conduct over 20,000 audits each year just in the Peet's Coffee supply chain. The two organizations connected back in 2016, reports Fox Business, and have been working to improve Peet's sustainability efforts ever since.

Global Coffee Report states Enveritas looks for risks of child labor, social and environmental conditions, and deforestation while performing these audits. Peet's Coffee also states that it considers issues like gender equity, youth education, and climate change when sourcing its coffee from South America, Africa, and Asia. Currently, 24 countries are verified and can provide Peet's coffee beans.

Now that Peet's Coffee is 100% certified, you can feel great about enjoying a cup of its coffee, knowing its sustainability efforts are working toward a healthier planet!