Why You Should Try Drinking Your Next Beer Out Of A Wine Glass

Beer has been a mainstay of many culinary traditions for centuries. People around the world have been consuming this brew by pouring it out of a flagon, cracking open a keg, or guzzling it from a pint glass. In modern times most of us are probably most familiar with the classic tall, handleless glasses stacked in rows at every bar and featured in beer commercials, but what if we told you that these standard beer glasses aren't the best way to drink a cold one?

According to Liquor, the best glass to drink your beer from is Teku's stemmed glass. The glass, designed by Lorenzo "Kuaska" Dabove and Teo Musso, is made in Germany and holds 14.2 ounces of liquid. The glass itself has a curved lip and bell shape like a wine glass but is made of thicker glass. It is the perfect option for light to medium ales and can also be used for darker beers too, but the site warns that the glass intensifies the aroma of bolder beers such as IPAs. Unfortunately, most of us probably don't have a Teku glass on hand, but a wine glass will work perfectly well in its place.

You need a stem, a bowl bottom, and a curved lip

Much like wine glasses have been developed to enhance the essence of wine, we have begun to learn that perhaps beer drinking needs a bit of an update too. America's Test Kitchen reports that some of the issues with standard beer glasses are that the brew warms up too quickly and the "traditional" straight edge doesn't add anything to the drinking experience. Instead, they proved that drinking beer out of a stemmed glass keeps your hand from warming the drink too quickly and a thin-rimmed glass with a bowl bottom and a tapered lip (much like a wine glass) will enhance the beer's taste and aroma.

The Teku stemmed glass checks all the boxes on that list so it's recommended as the best beer glass. Still, everyone's palate is a bit different so Food & Wine recommends testing out your favorite beer in a variety of glasses including stemmed ones to see if one of these glasses makes you enjoy your favorite brew even more! It all comes down to the drinking experience, and if a wine glass or something akin to one gives you the best temperature, flavor, and prolonged carbonation, why not give it a go? No matter what you drink out of, be sure to keep the glass you'll be sipping from at room temperature because an iced glass will make your beer go flat faster (via Forklift & Palate).