The Simple Ingredient To Give Your Go-To Margarita A Serious Kick

Margaritas are fun, the recipe is relatively simple to make, and the drinks are easy to serve to guests at gatherings of all sizes. When perfectly blended, the best margaritas deliver a bit of zest and a well-balanced amount of booze to satisfy thirsty partygoers. Plus, with a salted rim, you'll feel like a professional bartender as you pass glasses to your friends.

Lately, the rise of the spicy margarita has been making the rounds on restaurant menus, with establishments of all caliber offering margs made with an assortment of fruits, peppers, herbs, and spices to tantalize taste buds. But there's a trick to getting the spicy element right, notes Difford's Guide, and the goal is to make a drink that is alluringly tempting and not just plain revolting. If you're struggling to incorporate the right amount of spice into the drinks you are making at home or simply appreciate a drink that delivers some heat, this one ingredient may become your new favorite addition to your cocktails.

A spicy sauce on demand

Since chili peppers can pack a wide range of spice levels when considering the Scoville scale, it can be tricky to know just how much kick you're mixing into your cocktails when you're muddling and slicing ingredients. Punch suggests reducing some of these inconsistencies with a ready-made bottle of green Tabasco. The well-known sauce can add spice to not only batches of margs but other cocktails, too, as the spicy taste can complement go-to cocktail fruits like pineapple, guava, and mango.

Even Tabasco recognizes the hot sauces' potential and provides a JalapeƱorita cocktail recipe that shakes up lime juice, tequila, Grand Marnier, and the green sauce. But don't stop with margaritas, instructs Difford's Guide, as other cocktail recipes like the Michelada, Bloody Mary, Dragon Punch, and Amante Picante can also benefit from a bit of saucy heat. As with any recipe, adjust to suit your tastes or the requests of your guests.