Burger King Is Extending Its Royal Perks Free Fries Deal Until The Summer

It's been a busy year for Burger King. In September, the fast food giant announced a $400 million two-year plan to unveil a new advertising campaign and a series of restaurant renovations at its more than 7,000 U.S. locations, per CNBC. The chain also announced plans to develop new Whopper flavors. 

In November, Burger King announced it would airdrop 65,000 Whoppers in Times Square in honor of the sandwich's 65th birthday in a press release, per Business Wire. This month, Burger King launched a 12-day holiday giveaway for rewards members, handing out free Whoppers with certain purchases and waiving delivery fees, reports TheStreet. (Here's hoping it'll retire its creepy mascot next.)

Now, Burger King is back with another announcement sure to excite fry fans. If you've been cashing in on the chain's free fry promotion this year — and dreading its fateful conclusion at the end of December — worry no more. Burger King is extending its Royal Perks free fries deal until the summer. Keep those little white paper bags comin'.

Fans can't believe their fries

When Burger King originally announced the offer via a press release in April, it was only scheduled to last through the end of the year (per Business Wire). But, now that Burger King has extended its promotion, every day can be "Fry-day." (Pun intended.) 

Burger King Royal Perks Members will receive free fries with any purchase through June 30, 2023, reports Chew Boom. The best part? Fans can continue ordering the fries in any size. Whether you're in the mood for a little snack or looking to curb the pre-dinner munchies in a big way, there's a small or large fry available to get the job done.

That isn't the only exclusive Royal Perks Members deal, either (via Business Wire). Members can upsize one drink, fry, or hash brown every single day. For every $1 spent, members earn 10 Crowns, which can be accumulated and used to redeem free menu items. Members also earn Double Crowns during their entire birthday month. 

To access the free fry deal, fans must download the BK app and register for Royal Perks. The offer can be redeemed once per week, and it applies to orders placed online or in the Burger King app.