Why Burger King Is Airdropping 65,000 Whoppers In Times Square

It's traditional to receive gifts on one's birthday, but when it comes to Burger King's most famous hamburger, giving is preferred. In 2021, the fast food chain, which boasts nearly 19,000 locations in over 100 countries, honored the 64th birthday of its beloved Whopper by selling the burger sandwich for the same price it originally went for back in 1957: A whopping 37 cents, according to the company's press release. As USA Today noted, the celebratory discounts were actually offered over two days.

The Whopper has had an eventful leadup to its birthday in 2022, as several new specialty versions of the long-running favorite have been launched during the year. Penn Live reported in March that Whopper Melts, including a spicy version with jalapeño peppers, were being made available for a limited time. The spicy jalapeños were back for Halloween when Burger King unveiled its Ghost Pepper Whopper. Per a Burger King press release, the spooky Halloween version wasn't just named for the burger's ghost pepper cheese but also for its unique electromagnetic ghost detection feature. 

The Halloween version of the Whopper was a cool way to close out October. But November is the Whopper's birthday month, so plenty has been expected. According to Burger King's latest announcement, plenty is being delivered, including a special drop of Whoppers.

How to get a free Whopper on the burger's birthday

This year, Burger King will celebrate the Whopper's birthday by airdropping an enormous quantity of them in Times Square. The actual number is 65,000, based on the hamburger's birthday number, notes a press release. But no, that doesn't mean a burger-laden cargo plane will be unleashing thousands of parachute-packed Whoppers on the iconic New York City landmark. Instead, the giveaway references the airdrop feature on smartphones. Those who turn it on while in Times Square on November 30 may receive a code that entitles them to a free Whopper, which they can then claim on the Burger King app.

New Yorkers aren't the only ones who can receive this limited-time gift of a flame-grilled Whopper served up on a sesame-seed bun with lettuce, onions, pickles, and tomatoes. The fast food chain explains, per its press release, that some codes will also be shared via social media on Burger King's Instagram account. If you're one of the lucky ones, just make sure to wish your free Whopper a happy birthday before taking the first bite.