The Best Vegan Milk For Extra Silky Avocado Pudding

According to Harvard Health, avocados are one of the only fruits that contain healthy, unsaturated fats — but they're also one of the two fruits that have the highest amount of protein per cup (via WebMD). The avocado's creamy texture and eye-catching green color, paired with its healthy reputation, have made it a star ingredient in many meals. Burgers, tacos, avocado toast, and spring rolls are just a few of the dishes that become instantly Instagram-able with a slice — or generous smash — of avocado.

While delicious, in most examples, avocados are overshadowed by the main dish, where they're typically used as an aesthetic topping and not given proper credit for the protein, healthy fats, and fiber they bring to the table (via Harvard Health). Even when used on their own, either in guacamole or avocado spread, these fruits have been boxed into the category of a condiment, only worthy of eating if spread across a piece of toast or dipped into with a chip. But avocados can be so much more.

Outside of avocado chips, there are only a few dishes where avocado is the main ingredient, and of them, there's really only one that makes it a meal. Avocado pudding can be made for breakfast, lunch, or a late-night snack — and with the right choice of plant-based milk, not only can you make it vegan, but it can be extra luscious and silky.

Almond milk

Being a fruit, avocado pudding is naturally plant-based. However, MasterClass points out that non-vegan versions are sometimes made using whole milk. Fortunately, there are more milk alternatives than necessary these days — so your substitution choices are truly endless. From banana milk to sesame seed milk, you can experiment with all kinds of options to achieve different results and textures.

For example, if you're looking for a rich texture, MasterClass recommends using full-fat coconut milk or coconut cream. But, if you're looking to go the opposite direction — opting for an avocado pudding with a lighter and silkier consistency — almond milk is the way to go. Then, once you've got your avocados and milk of choice together, you've completed two-thirds of the three-ingredient recipe (per The Guccha).

With your avocados and almond milk, all you have left to do is decide on a sweetener. Agave, date syrup, and maple syrup are good options if you want to keep it vegan. You can also add cocoa powder — like in this vegan avocado mousse recipe – or a dash of vanilla flavoring if you want to amp it up a bit.