The Best Way For Beginners To Start Using Ghee

For those unfamiliar with ghee, the creamy product is essentially made from butter that has been cooked down and skimmed to remove milk proteins and excess water, much like clarifying. The resulting aromatic spread is nearly 100% pure butterfat and packs both health and wellness-boosting properties, notes WebMD.

Ghee can strengthen immune systems in addition to adding a flavorful nuance to dishes. With a high smoke point and delicate nutty flavor, ghee can be the culinary addition that takes your meals to undiscovered levels.

Food author Sandeepa Mukherjee Datta told BBC the sumptuous fat can be given to young children and can easily be made at home to be used in cooking. Academy of Culinary Nutrition lists various ways to incorporate ghee into everyday recipes, from replacing butter with ghee to cook vegetables, as an irresistible spread for baked treats, or as a substitute for coconut oil in baking. Gradually, you may find yourself using this rich ingredient in coffee and dishes without fear.

Get started in moderation

Traditionally, ghee is consumed in moderation, according to the BBC, with delicate spoonfuls drizzled onto chapati or servings of curry. Try incorporating ghee into dishes made with lentils or winter soups. Those small spoonfuls will eventually evolve into an ingredient used in marinating dishes or when you're preparing breads like pita or focaccia. Ghee can even be included in baking recipes

If a dish is too acidic, ghee can help bring flavors back into balance. The nutty taste isn't for everyone, however, and ghee is high in monosaturated fats, so the butter-like ingredient may not be suitable for everyone's diet, warns Healthline. Some, like GoDesi Milk, prescribe eating ghee on an empty stomach in the morning for health benefits, mixed into warm water while ghee added to coffee may start your day with an energetic boost (per Health Shots). When you are ready, this multi-use ingredient is equipped for some serious culinary experimentation.