Ina Garten's Seasoning Tip For Delicious Turkey Lasagna

There's nothing quite as special as a good lasagna. It takes time, patience, the perfect sauce, and just the right amount of layers to make it a hearty meal. Often, lasagna is made with a meat mixture much like Italian meatballs, often with beef, pork, and veal. However, making the switch to turkey could be a good move. Healthline shares that turkey could be a healthier version thanks to the lower saturated fat and fewer calories in it. 

The problem with turkey, though, is that the lack of fat can mean less overall flavor. The key is to find the right recipe for turkey lasagna. It's easy enough to find some great options in lasagna recipes, but a tried-and-true recipe, one that has just the right spice combination, will make a big difference. 

Ina Garten offers a fantastic version, via YouTube, that uses turkey sausage to bring lots of flavor to this decadent dish. And she has a key tip that can make it a true success. 

Seasoning it just right makes a big difference

In Ina Garten's Turkey Lasagna recipe, shared in an episode of "Barefoot Contessa," she sautés broken up turkey sausage, which she says can be either hot or mild depending on preference. She uses a mixture of both. Turkey sausage recipes vary significantly from one manufacturer and producer to the next. As a result, she offers a simple tip.

After browning it, take a moment to taste the sausage to determine how salty it is before adding more to the overall recipe. That's especially important if you are using a brand you have not used in the past or a fresh recipe from a local producer where salt content may vary. She continues to pile in the flavor with fresh basil and pepper after starting with an onion and garlic base. 

It's also important to give the sauce time to cook and come together as the flavors blend before putting the lasagna together.