Dunkin's Upcoming Winter Menu Includes 2 Savory New Snacks

In case you've recently returned from another planet, Dunkin' is so much more than just donuts, a fact reflected in its name change in 2019, according to Fox Business. The chain formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts said the change was about making its name more modern, but it also reflected a shift in emphasis to the brand's position as an "on-the-go beverage-led brand." Take a look at Dunkin's seasonal and secret menus and you'll see a plethora of coffee drinks accompanied by classic donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and other tasty treats.

And while America may run on Dunkin', we can't run on caffeine alone. A press release for Dunkin's Winter 2022 menu features its Dunkin' Midnight, the chain's darkest roast coffee, but also highlights a new promotion, Dunkin' Run, which encourages guests to add a $1 classic donut when they buy a medium- or larger-sized hot or iced coffee, beginning with the launch of the seasonal menu on December 28, 2022. If you're looking for something more substantial to accompany the new Brown Butter Toffee Latte, you're in luck. Two new savory treats are featured for winter as well.

What's new on the savory side?

First up is the new Bacon Avocado Tomato Sandwich, which is exactly what it says on the tin — seasoned tomatoes, avocado spread, and bacon sandwiched between sourdough bread. Dunkin' had previously hopped on the avocado toast craze in 2021 when they introduced their version of avocado toast, which The Beet described as "GOOD. Better than good. It was great."

Dunkin's second new savory seasonal delight is the Stuffed Biscuit Bites, which are two snack-size biscuits stuffed with bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese. While we're fans of homemade, from-scratch biscuits, there's certainly something to be said for all the yummy stuff available on the go. As an extra treat to kick off the new year, during the month of January, Dunkin' Rewards members can get one free Bacon Avocado Sandwich or Stuffed Biscuit Bites with any drink purchase.