3 Tips To Amp Up Your Holiday Meals From Capital One

This content was paid for by Capital One and created by Tasting Table.

When the holiday season rolls around, food is the unofficial star of the show. From baking cookies using your favorite family recipe to a sparkling New Year's Eve out on the town, we hope you've brought your appetite. But when it comes to celebrating and coordinating plans with friends and loved ones — and paying for the check at the end — we could all use a little help. Luckily, Capital One can support both during the holidays and beyond.

Whatever makes your holidays joyful and bright, Capital One has a suite of benefits available to cardholders that make going out and staying in more rewarding. Whether it's access to a coveted dinner reservation, Uber and Uber Eats perks through a complimentary Uber One membership, or cash back on dining and entertainment, Capital One cardholders can celebrate the way they like this holiday season assured they're getting the most out of their spending.

Get rewarded whether you go out or stay in

Can't choose between going out or staying in this holiday season? You don't have to with the Capital One SavorOne card, which rewards users for their dining and entertainment purchases. That means if you're bundling up and braving the cold for a night on the town, you'll get rewarded for the champagne in your flute and the steak on your plate. Or if you're grabbing a quilt, lighting a candle, and hunkering down for a festive movie marathon, you'll be rewarded for the takeout delivered to your front door. SavorOne cardholders get earnings on "the fun stuff" like — 3% cash back on dining, entertainment, and popular streaming purchases. The SavorOne card also offers 3% cash back on everything you buy at the grocery store* and 1% on all other purchases, so you can feel secure sending out your holiday party RSVPs with a plus one and welcoming last-minute guests into your home.

And even if you're celebrating with your family via video meeting from your dorm, you can still take advantage of the benefits offered by Capital One through the SavorOne Student card. SavorOne Student cardholders also earn 3% cash back on dining, entertainment, streaming, and at grocery stores (excludes superstores like Walmart® and Target®), plus 1% cash back on all other purchases. With the SavorOne and SavorOne Student cards, you don't have to pay an annual fee to unlock these benefits. Now, that's a win!

Have a helping hand with hosting

Having a houseful of loved ones during the holidays can be terrific fun, but it can also be terrifically stressful. What will your picky nephew eat? Where can you get a roast beef that'll impress grandma? And who was supposed to pick everyone up from the airport?

Luckily, Capital One's latest partnership offers rewards on Uber and Uber Eats purchases. Savor, SavorOne, SavorOne Student, and Quicksilver Student cardholders earn unlimited 10% cash back on purchases with Uber and Uber Eats. The cash back comes when you pay with a qualifying card in the Uber or Uber Eats app. Need to get six people from New York City to Greenwich, Connecticut by 6:00 for the family holiday party? No biggie; there's 10% cash back for that. The turkey is still raw and you incinerated the latkes? Order with confidence knowing you'll earn cash back on that massive Uber Eats order you placed.

As an added perk, Savor, SavorOne, SavorOne Student, and Quicksilver Student cardholders get a complimentary Uber One monthly membership (valued at $9.99/month) through November 14, 2024. (Quicksilver, Quicksilver One, and Quicksilver Secured cardholders can enjoy the Uber One service for up to six months, also through November 14.) In case you've never tried it out, an Uber One membership currently comes with up to 10% off eligible Uber Eats purchases and $0 delivery fees at participating restaurants, grocery stores, and on Uber Eats orders. You can also order with peace of mind — if the estimated latest arrival time is wrong, you'll get $5 Uber Cash to make up for it. That Uber One membership also currently comes with up to 5% off on eligible rides and other upgrades such as top-rated drivers on rides and premium support. So if you're looking for a ride from the airport or need a meal delivered stat for those hungry relatives, it's easy for cardholders to earn 10% cash back automatically on purchases with Uber and Uber Eats, topped with additional discounts and perks through the Uber One membership for an even sweeter deal.

Snag that hard-to-get reservation

You've worked hard all year and you deserve to be wined and dined this holiday season. Or maybe there's an engagement ring burning a hole in your pocket and tonight's the night. Or perhaps your in-laws are in town and all you want is the opportunity to flex a little. Whatever your reason for going all out, with Capital One Dining it's easy to reserve that hard-to-get table you've had your eye on for months.

A reservation-booking platform for eligible* Capital One rewards cardholders, Capital One Dining offers access to coveted reservations and exclusive experiences at an impressive range of top-rated restaurants. Capital One curated the lineup with the help of chef José Andrés, the MICHELIN Guide, and the James Beard Foundation, which includes some of the best spots the culinary world has to offer. (Quince by Michael Tusk in San Francisco is on the list, as is Cadence in New York City.) More than 350 restaurants across 11 U.S. cities have customizable reservation slots set aside exclusively for Capital One cardholders. So, whether you're looking to live large, stay in, host, travel, or do a mix of it all, Capital One is offering major rewards to help amp up your holiday meals this season and beyond*.

*With all Savor and SavorOne cards, the 3% earn rate excludes superstores like Walmart® and Target®. This partnership offer is available through Nov. 14, 2024. Terms apply. For details go to Capital One's Learn and Grow blog.

*Eligible cards include US-issued, Capital One branded, rewards-earning consumer and small business credit cards. Capital One debit cards, private label retail credit cards, and co-brand partner cards are not eligible for Capital One Dining at this time.

*See Dining terms of service. https://www.capitalone.com/credit-cards/disclosures/dining-terms-of-service/