The Simple Addition To Rescue Bland Yogurt

Yogurt is good for you, insists Well + Good: Loaded with protein, calcium, healthy fats, and gut-supporting probiotics, the creamy dish can make for a great snack, dessert, or easy addition to meals. But plain yogurt isn't necessarily for everyone to enjoy, admits Nutrition, and the tart, tangy flavor of unsweetened varieties might be at risk of either neglect or disapproving murmurs at the dining table.

Not to worry, if you're trying to incorporate this healthy treat into your regular diet, you have a few options. Regardless of whether you're scooping up plain Greek yogurt, more traditional dairy varieties, or some other yogurt alternative, unflavored cartons can be dressed up in order to suit your preferences and the tastes of any others you might be feeding. Get ready to say goodbye to boring, bland bowls of yogurt and hello to a more flavorful treat that is sure to be devoured.

Spice it up

With a bit of preparation and some culinary creativity, scoops of bland yogurt can be quickly and easily doctored to make taste buds happy. The best part? Individual bowls can be tailored to suit the unique preferences of each eater. 

In addition to swirling maple syrup into bowls of plain yogurt, Nutrition in the Kitch suggests adding extra texture and flavor to the treat by choosing from a variety of toppings. Chop up fresh mint, drop in vanilla or almond extracts, top with slivered nuts or flax seeds, and serve with cocoa nibs or naturally sweetened granola. 

The Spruce Eats encourages experimenting with flavors and diving into your spice cabinet to reach for ground spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger to flavor bowls. The site goes as far as instructing you how to make homemade yogurt with these flavors, but you can also add them to store-bought yogurt for a flavorful breakfast. With so many options and endless combinations, it is easy to see that plain yogurt can never be boring if you don't want it to be.