Why You Should Start Adding Yogurt To Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

You open the door of the refrigerator to look for a carton of milk or a container of cream to add to your morning coffee. To your dismay, neither can be found in the depths of your fridge. But, a lone tub of yogurt is sitting on the shelf. Can this dairy product act as a creamy substitute and be added to your cup of joe, or will your caffeine fix be turned into an unappealing mess?

The topic seems to be a divisive one. Putting Weird Things in Coffee insists adding Greek yogurt to coffee might smell nice at first, but the drink itself becomes difficult to put anywhere except the sink. My Recipes experimented with a few different kinds of yogurts and noticed that adding yogurt to coffee made the brew taste more acidic unless it was coconut yogurt. However, there's another camp that firmly advocates for the inclusion of yogurt into coffee drinks.

A combination worth a try

Crazy Coffee Crave admits the idea of adding yogurt to coffee might sound off-putting, but Southeast Asian coffee drinkers have been doing so for years and for a good reason: yogurt provides not only energy but a variety of vitamins and minerals, converting that morning cup of coffee into a creamy coffee with added benefits of healthy live bacteria — as long as the temperature of the coffee doesn't reach water's boiling point.

Coffee Affection notes that in Cambodia coffee and yogurt have become a popular treat, yet there, the recipe is served cold and mixed with condensed milk and a few drops of lemon juice. Vietnamese yogurt coffee, known as shua chua cafe, is made similarly, and the drink is tart and creamy. If you want to try making the recipe for yourself at home, Delightful Plate suggests using plain Greek yogurt in order to enjoy a thicker, creamier caffeinated beverage.