This Unique Restaurant In Rome Only Serves Raw Meat

If you visit Rome, you might be thinking of dining on the city's traditional fare like cacio e pepe or spaghetti carbonara – and you would not be mistaken in wanting to try these delectable dishes. But what about a plate of meat sushi? Is your interest piqued? Good, more on that later.

While there are plenty of wonderful places to dine all around the Italian capital, Rome's Centocelle neighborhood has become increasingly popular among culinary lovers. Located southeast of the city's center, this charming area was home to an airport, during the early 20th century, that later closed — giving way to housing for the working class (via Romeing). In recent times, it's become a bustling gastronomic hub where restaurateurs and cooks can experiment with their menus. Of all the places to try in Centocelle, perhaps one of the most intriguing is a dining establishment that serves its meat raw: Fassangue.

Tartare, carpaccio, and meat sushi? Oh my!

While it might seem strange at first to try raw beef in gua bao buns or paninis, fresh uncooked meat is Fassangue's specialty and it's featured across a variety of dishes, as seen in its menu. From steak tartare to beef carpaccio to what can only be described as meat sushi, the restaurant offers a unique take on a steakhouse experience.

While it may seem risky to eat uncooked meat — and for good reason too — what's served at this Centocelle spot is not your average meat. Fassangue is affiliated with Macelleria Caputo, a nearby butcher shop that sources high-quality, ethically-produced meat from Italian farms that practice non-intensive breeding, per La Cucina Italiana.

If you're a fan of eating raw foods or you've ever been curious to taste beef's authentic flavors unencumbered, add a visit to Centocelle, Rome, and a meal at Fassangue to your food/travel bucket list. Buon appetito!