The Bakery Where You Can Find Meghan Markle's Favorite Sourdough

Style Democracy names Duchess Meghan Markle an "honorary Tortonian," as Markle spent close to six years living in the Canadian city while she was filming "Suits." According to Style Democracy, Markle spent a decent amount of time in the area of Toronto known as Kensington Market. Destination Toronto describes the neighborhood as vibrant and eclectic with a cluster of vintage boutiques and multicultural eateries. 

Markle documented some of her favorite foods and places to visit on her blog The Tig, which was deactivated before she married her now-husband Prince Harry, per Elle. One bakery in particular caught not only Markle's eye, but also the attention of the world's only sourdough museum. In fact, a sample of the Toronto-based bakery's sourdough culture was brought to the museum and became the first Canadian inductee added to over 100 sourdough samples stored in the library's controlled environment (via press release). And there's a reason this bread tastes so good.

A loaf fit for royalty and commoners

"We start early to make your day better," announces Blackbird Baking Co. The shop sells a collection of cookies, pastries, and baked goods, but one bread loaf, in particular, found special favor with the Duchess: a Kensington sourdough loaf.

What makes this bread special is that it is made with red fife flour, notes Style Democracy. As Janie's Mill explains, red fife delivers richer, more complex flavors than other wheats, and breads made with the ingredient end up moist and less crumby than other varieties. While the origin of red fife is less certain, Janie's Mill believes the popularity of the ingredient can be attributed to a Scottish immigrant who shared it amongst Canadian farmers.

A freshly-baked loaf of the Kensington sourdough bread can be purchased for around $4, and Insider confirms it's worth every penny: With a crunchy crust and spongy inside, this bread is "sophisticated with a strong personality" and smells of sweetly toasted wheat with a slight sour aroma.

The taste of sourdough bread, the health benefits associated with it, and the demand of artisanal foods have contributed to sourdough's popularity, observes British Baker. The oldest leavened bread in the books, sourdough packs some solid health benefits; The bread is considered a prebiotic food, notes WebMD, and doesn't contain as much gluten as other bread types. In addition, it is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. 

It's no wonder these loaves are favorites of celebrities and commoners alike.